Our relationship with the Champions League

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Ric, 2 Nov 2016.

  1. Ric


    22 May 2004
    I've seen a few of the press reports of last night's game suggesting that the performance and result will change our relationship, as fans, with the competition. Guardiola's also made it pretty clear that he wants us to move on from booing the anthem and to start to embrace the tournament.

    The atmosphere last night was certainly the best it's been for a Champions League game, and I'm sure that was a factor in the eventual outcome.

    Are the journalists right, or is it a bit condescending to suggest that we only enjoy it when we're winning and performing well? Our grievances with UEFA certainly run a lot deeper than that. Indeed, the refereeing last night seems to have just added to the sense of injustice many City fans feel.

    Has last night changed the way you feel about CL football, or will we always have an issue with the competition because of the organising body?
  2. Armaan


    23 Oct 2009
    Yes. Last night I must admit I fell in love with the competition. For so many years my rag mates and dipper mates would go on about "European nights" and say they were above all else and yesterday I finally understood what they meant. Amazing.
  3. blue ranger

    blue ranger

    1 Oct 2008
    I agree Ric. Just said something similar on the post match thread. We needed to win on a big European night against a Madrid or Barcelona in a meaningful game so that the fans and players can believe they are at the same level. I genuinely think before last night our players and fans would consider City in the next bracket down from those two and Bayern. I think everything changed last night.
  4. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    I always go into every game expecting the officials to do us over and they usually do.Regarding the booing it makes no odds on how we play,the booing is always loud then we get behind the team,im afraid it matters not whether pep likes it or not as we have proper reasons for it which the club and the players understand so if you want to boo then do it.the comp comes 2nd to the league to me and always will do
  5. Richard


    22 May 2004
    I must admit that a large part of me wanting us to do well in the Champions League, is to stick two fingers up to UEFA.

    As long as we continue to get very questionable referee performances, questionable draws, and ludicrous fines, then I don't think that will change. There was depressing sense of De Ja Vu after the Sterling penalty incident and lack of Tigne booking.

    Last night was brilliant, mainly because were able to overcome everything that UEFA could throw at us, and make it impossible for them, and the referee, to stop us.
  6. fbloke


    26 Apr 2009
    Absolutely not.

    I think the format is bogus, the decisions made by UEFA are Stalinesque, the seeding is corrupt and the favouritism shown by officials laughably clear.

    Even if you ignore the treatment City have received from UEFA in terms of FFP and fines for racism/timekeeping many of the above concerns devalue the competition in my eyes.

    Give me the old European Cup and I might find it more appealing.
  7. mancitymick


    3 Nov 2008
    Having a date with Remy Martin
    Love the away trips but would rather it was back to the old knock out system. Roll on Gbach away for some hot German Vimto and Beers


    7 Jul 2014
    If the manager wants us to move on then I think it's only fair that we respect that and move on. We've make our feelings very clear about the Champions League and to be honest I don't think UEFA could care less. Last nights referee could 'possibly' be proof of this. On a personal level yes it's made a big difference to me on how I feel. We really need to keep creating an atmosphere like that for the players though - it obviously lifted them to a massive degree.
  9. dansyb


    12 Dec 2010
    When we no longer need "Tonight's referee threads" then attitudes may change but until then no we will always view it as the compition were we aren't welcome
  10. markbmcfc


    6 Dec 2007
    Probably should be working...
    The competition isn't going anywhere and neither is it's governing body. People either take the morale high ground and get on with it or be bitter about it forever.

    Personally, UEFA don't deserve my bitterness. They don't deserve a solitary emotion.

    The booing is pathetic and i'd rather we just sang blue moon over the top of it.

    Until you get past their corruption, and accept them for the piece of shit that they are, I don't think you can truly enjoy the competition and nights like last night. I find the idea of UEFA affecting my enjoyment of something to be galling and I won't allow it to happen, so personally, I moved on from it a long time ago.

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