Pablo Zabaleta - 2016/17 performances

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by blightee, 16 Aug 2016.

  1. OrigamiNinja


    10 Oct 2008
    I thought Zabba was excellent today and whatever you think regarding Zabba v Sagna from a defensive point of view Zabba clearly offers more to this team in an attacking sense. If by some miracle Sagna had gotten into the same position for the opening goal I am convinced he would have turned around and looked for our centre backs.
  2. Cityfan


    28 Jan 2009
    Agree completely with the above post. Zab's use of the ball remains superb , he had an excellent game today.
    Regrettably against the best his lack of pace now does mean he is occasionally suspect defensively.
  3. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    West Ham are among the clubs interested in signing Manchester City right-back Pablo Zabaleta (32) if he leaves this summer. [Mail on Sunday]

    Guardiola has yet to decide if Zaba will get a new contract and West Ham believe his experience would help younger players. [Mail on Sunday]
  4. RandomJ


    12 Mar 2009
    Should give him another year. Can still offer attacking threat against the lesser teams and would be good in rotation with the new RB we sign in summer (hopefully).
  5. bluealf


    4 Nov 2007
    I would rather give Mafeo a chance to stake a claim to be our number one right back, Zabs can back him up in a transitional season and see how it goes, at some point we have to give some of our youth a chance to shine, they may not be exactly 100% ready to be in a top team but then they will never learn and kick on playing with better players.

    We can't keep paying 40m for other teams youth products, like Stones for example, as much as I like him and want him to succeed he is by no means the finished article at 40m, Sane has taken an age to come to himself but we are now seeing what a player he could be but what if say Diaz was afforded half a season to settle in with the first team, getting minutes, could he not show a vast improvement and save us another 40/50m in the summer ?
  6. blumoonrisen


    22 Sep 2009
    Joiner / builder...enquiries welcome..!
    Y4 to 137
    Been directly involved in 6 of our last 7 seven goals, more interceptions than anyone else on the pitch at weekend.
    He offers way more in possession and going forwards than Sagna and should have been on at some point tonight.
  7. bluealf


    4 Nov 2007
    Yup, the right hand side misses his overlapping runs and it shows, Sagna not done anything wrong as such he just isn't as good as Zabs bombing forward.
  8. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
  9. City health warning

    City health warning

    10 Dec 2016
    That probably explains Zaba missing both the Monaco and Liverpool games.

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