Paedophilia within the game

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Dogtanian, 16 Nov 2016.

  1. denislawsbackheel


    28 May 2008
    It's irrelevant what the FA and prem say.

    Surely paying hush money to silence criminal activity is a criminal offence.

    Isn't it?
  2. Mad Eyed Screamer

    Mad Eyed Screamer

    25 Nov 2010
    Tampa Bay, Florida
    It didn't do Michael Jackson any harm.....
  3. cheekybids


    18 Sep 2009
    I just saw a tweet that offside trust has had no support from any of 92 clubs. Not too sure what that means or if clubs are acting independent but it does seem to have gone quiet.

    We seem to have had a couple of sacrificial lambs & whitey lost 30quid a week job on the radio for talking, forgive me being a cynic. I know there could well be an incredible legal investigation going on but I see a big carpet & a brush.
  4. Cheesy


    29 Jan 2007
    A grand total of four professional footballers have answered the call for help from the Offside Trust.
  5. ColinLee


    3 Sep 2012
    The Blue side of the moon.
    I had to google Offside Trust but given the accusations against Andy Woodward (who's heavily involved with it) I can see why the clubs and players are playing a waiting game.
  6. cheekybids


    18 Sep 2009
    I think that's a fair point & one that they should look at the right ffside trust.
  7. kippaxkid74


    5 Jun 2009
    Accusations against him? Have i missed something?
  8. cheekybids


    18 Sep 2009
    I think he lost his job as a copper & it's seems seedy, victim becoming predator etc
  9. geoff clipp

    geoff clipp

    20 Jul 2010
    Was all that business ever reported anywhere outside of that corrupt police UK website? That's the only place I could find it but it's hard to tell how reliable that site is tbh!
  10. Just to note that David White's book is coming out on 2 February. Amazon won't let me publish a link, but I'll see if the publisher's website contains details.

    The BBC declined to broadcast an interview with White when Barry Bennell was charged recently with historic offences. Bennell's now entered a plea of not guilty denied the charges and has been remanded in custody to appear again in court on 20 March. Interesting timing for publication.

    EDIT: Link to publisher's website here -
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