Paedophilia within the game

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    Just a minor question about Bennel. Was he actually employed by City, or was he coaching for an associate club during his City connected years?
  2. Bennell's role with City seems to have been as a scout and coach of various affiliated junior teams. He was never actually an employee of the club. Steve Fleet, the youth team coach until around 1981, said that the club did conisder employing Bennell at one point but he (Fleet) threatened to quit if they did and as a result it never happened.
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    4 May 2010

    Crewe’s position is that they never knew anything was untoward until Bennell was arrested in Florida in 1994 and that he left the club for “football-related reasons”. Bennell, on the other hand, says it was because of a complaint. My information is that he was challenged by a number of parents after one training session and, within two days, was gone.

    That was in 1992 and it can also now be reported that on 29 May that year Gradi wrote to the parents of one boy from the centre of excellence. “I do not want any of the boys who attended the centre to go to other coaching sessions or games organised by our former youth coach Barry Bennell,” he states. “If this is going to cause you a problem then I will be pleased to talk to you about it personally.” Gradi’s office and home numbers are attached but there is no further explanation and he has not been willing to supply this newspaper with one, either. He, Bowler and Palin, as well as the club itself, have chosen not to comment after attempts were made to contact them by the Observer this past week

    Perhaps it could be asked why Crewe’s match-day announcer posted on Twitter in August that he was hopeful “all those shithead journos who tried to bury DG [Gradi] and our club could be heading for one hell of a kick in the bollox”.

    Or maybe someone could raise the story of Andy Woodward’s civil action against the club. Andy was one of the kids raped hundreds of times by Bennell. When the verdict went in favour of Crewe, he says the club’s lawyers were high-fiving in front of him. Classy Crewe, indeed.
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    Shocking reaction from the Crewe fans
  5. Meanwhile, more allegations from the BBC about Gradi viewing porn with children:

    First two paras of the linked story below:

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    Disgraceful reaction that. So much for supporting victims, being transparent, acknowledging the scale of the issue so as to ensure it cant happen again, and writing wrongs. Lives were ruined, and that is how they react to a response that is no more than a stonewall lie.
    City are showing how this should be done - investigating, learning, apologising.
    What a classless bunch of small minded wankers those present at that forum must be. Appalling
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    And now Gradi has questions to answer, breaking news on the BBC.
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    Its Guinness time any day of the week.
    Living only 10 miles from Crewe,way back as far as the 1970`s it was always a standing "joke" regarding Dario and his "young boys" but it was common knowledge what it allegedley referred to.
    I am not suggesting for one minute that Dario was involved in anything sinister, but since the revelations of his porn films and that of his association with Bennell,it does make you wonder.
    I think Dario is going to get a little hot under the collar, but again it may be just a coincidence that these revelations are now coming out since Bennells convictions.

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