Patrick Roberts (on loan at Celtic)

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by Churchlawtonblue, 8 Jan 2017.

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  1. RandomJ


    12 Mar 2009
    I think we'll probably sell him to free up some funds. Hopefully with a buyback clause.
  2. WallyA


    21 Dec 2016
    I don't see us selling him, but he will likely go out on loan. My guess is the plan is for Bernardo to take David's mantle (it's weird that I need to write the first names) in the next few years then for Roberts to take over for Bernardo.

    I did want him in the squad next season but I don't know how likely it is now, the best we can hope for is a loan to a team that suits him best.

    Alot of people will want him to go to the premier league, but honestly, no team is suited for him. Should he go to Bournemouth? that is maybe the only team I can think of that would suit him. They have taken Wilshere on loan so you never know.

    He needs to go to a team that is on top and plays a possession style football, which is why Celtic was a great loan.

    That said, I don't even know what's a better option than Celtic. Girona FC? They will be promoted to La Liga but are bottom of the barrel and they won't dominate although la liga is more technical and attacking. Going to the Eredivisie is kind of useless also, that's almost like a side-step from the Scottish premiership.

    Other option is Germany or Italy but I don't know if City has any connection or which teams would suit him.
  3. doobyedoobye


    30 Jul 2009
  4. razman


    23 Jun 2013
    i am reading on here that our relation with AS Monaco is good and we would send our youth players there....why not Roberts there on loan at a top level.

    or sell him with a buy back clause ?
  5. mcfcfc


    22 May 2015
    same here it was also mentioned in the goal article from today that we will send them some of our youngsters as a separate deal so why not loan roberts to them or sell him there with a buy-back clause...ligue 1 is a good league and will only will make him a better player
  6. cadds92


    20 Mar 2017

    Get him to Germany!

    Shalke or Hoffenheim would be fantastic loan destinations.
  7. Tevez City

    Tevez City

    9 May 2010
    He could be great RB
  8. pee dubya

    pee dubya

    21 Sep 2005
    Don't see the rush with Roberts, just turned 20 a couple of months ago and it's not like he's from our academy.

    If some Bundesliga clubs are after him i'd strongly consider that, something like a season long loan and if he makes more than 20 league starts they have the option of a second year.

    Then by that time he'll be 22, we'll have a better picture of how good he really is and he'll be hopefully ready to step straight into a first team role rather than be sat on our bench getting the odd 10 minutes.
  9. Cobra


    21 Aug 2008
    Roberts might not want to spend 4 years out on loan with the vague promise that he might eventually be given a chance with us
  10. TravisBickle


    6 Mar 2009
    Looking forward to seeing him play this afternoon in what could be his last game for Celtic.
    Hope he shows what he can do on the pre season tour and gets a place in the squad, but it's going to be tough ask now.
    Roberts has all the tools to make it at a top club,and hopefully thats us.
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