Paul Merson

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Bill, 24 Jan 2015.

  1. Jamoid


    14 Mar 2015
    Talks Shit drinks Shit and sniffs Shit what a Wanker
  2. Pell


    17 Jul 2014
    Merson gets laughed at, but really most football punditry and analysis is below par. All we get subjected to in the main is the bleeding obvious that we can see with our own eyes being stated, reactionary nonsense (Pep's losing it, his football won't work in the Premier League), and any new manager from overseas who the likes of Merson and Savage haven't heard of, getting instantly shot down with cries of 'what does he know about our game? Why isn't [insert name of failed British manager out of work here] being chosen?' Also the banal cliches and soundbites 'Italians are defensive, Germans are lucky, Spanish tiki taki, etc'. Its no wonder English managers are so poor when this is the level of football discussion they get. I just find it extraordinary that ex professionals who have played the game at the highest level, give you the kind of footballing insight you can get from someone down in the pub.
  3. ROCKET80


    17 Jul 2008
    Auckland, NZ
    Just because players were once great at playing the game doesn't mean they understand it. It's why very few players who played at the very highest level make great managers.

    BBC, ITV, BT etc get the 'names' in to appeal to the Sky 4 armchair fans. Sky, especially Soccer Saturday, targets them along with the 'lad culture' demographic that still watch Soccer AM (if that's still going), and switch over to watch the nonsensical ramblings of idiots before the games.

    If they were to watch a pundit that really knew the game and could put across eloquently the meaning of decisions the likes of Pep makes, they'd spontaneously combust.
  4. asahartford1


    15 Nov 2016
    Been bugging me for a few days. Because you are quite right for all of his fallibility, he was a tremendous footballer.Strange that such a small intellect had such talent in his feet.
  5. never doubted him as a footballer-amazing.

    If he put his trousers on his head and sat upside-down in the chair on sky with his nob and hairy hole out for all to see..... i m sure no one would notice the difference.

    As a gifted footballer that he is ,he is still so stupid to eat toffees when commentating on live games ffs. end of.
  6. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
    doorman of perception
    wonderland ave
    they had Martinez on the MNF where the were discussing tactics amongst other things, and his insight compared to the pundits was excellent.
  7. Len Rum

    Len Rum

    27 Nov 2012
    The name's Rum, Len Rum.
    Merse on Soccer Saturday just praised the Sunderland fans for sticking by their club - "no empty seats in their ground but you look at Man City empty seats there".
  8. schfc6


    4 Aug 2010
    Continuing to perpetuate the empty seats myth. 'You won't find empty seats at Sunderland like you do at Man City.' Words to that effect.

    They average 84.9 % full. We are over 98% full.

    The bullshit really does continue. Why not use Liverpool? They average 98% where we average 98.1%.
  9. urban genie

    urban genie

    11 May 2008
    what a ****
  10. Pablo1


    1 Aug 2011
    Don't worry, we're playing the long game apparently.

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