Paulo Dybala

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by itisrising, 30 Dec 2015.

  1. Why aren't we looking at this guy? He's the closest player I've seen to Kun. Brilliant movement, dribbling and pace and has fantastic passing. Juve aren't the force they used to be and we should do everything we can to get him.

    Apparently he once spoke of us stating:

    "When I play with the Playstation, I always choose Barcelona or Manchester City," he told Guerin Sportivo.

    "I dream to play one day with one of those clubs."
  2. Kompany is King

    Kompany is King

    4 May 2012
    Wasn't there a thread on this guy?

    I thought he went down far too easily against us recently. Before that I would have said yes, now it's a no.
  3. 117 M34

    117 M34

    30 May 2010
    Would prefer his team mate, morotta
  4. Prestwich_Blue


    26 Jan 2006
    Wherever I lay my hat that's my home
    He's a diving little twat, that's why.
  5. Dybala has completely outshined him though. Morata has had a really bad season.
  6. Blue Haze

    Blue Haze

    5 May 2010
    Yes Pirlo Yes Party
    Too late now. Well not too late, he's just going to cost Pogba money where we could have had him for 25m last year. His talent had been obvious for a year before he joined Juve and we sat around and did nothing per usual.
  7. He'd cost a lot more now but I think he'd want the move. His comments about us are particularly encouraging. Juve may prove to be stubborn but don't forget we had to deal with Klaus Allof's this summer and got our man!
  8. MeatHunterrr


    24 Apr 2014
    spot on
  9. City_Sean


    23 Oct 2011
    Watching it, Drinking it in
    Yep. He'd get the shot kicked out of him over here.
  10. Diving little twat? Not like he wouldn't have company here with Otamendi.

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