Paulo Dybala

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by itisrising, 30 Dec 2015.

  1. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    Don't think we were ever linked. Some just brought him up as a preference to Sanchez coz he is younger.
  2. KingOdin


    20 Mar 2017
    Asgard/ Etihad Stadium
    In Italy and Spain sometimes players renew to be sold at higher prices .... more money for agent and team and the player in fact receives a double salary increase, I believe that Dybala will leave from juve only for Barcelona or Ream Madrid
  3. Sensanetional


    23 Jan 2017
    Sometimes I wonder if you even watch football at all, the feeling I get is that you pretend to be someone who knows everything. But this takes the cake, comparing Firmino, to Dybala, seriously? Firmino is an attacking midfielder who plays as a striker and has 0 eye for goal and runs around a lot with his workrate, Dybala is one of the most lethal finishers in Europe, freekicks, penalties, everything.

    And you seem obsessed with saying Zinchenko should play as a fullback, when he's a wide playmaker, lol. Not even close to having the qualities of a PL-fullback. Would be the weakest fullback in the league.
  4. Serg10Aguero


    8 Aug 2016
    It's not that crazy of an idea, a lot of fullbacks started out as wingers/midfielders
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  5. Otamendi's Beard

    Otamendi's Beard

    11 Jul 2007
  6. nmc


    9 Jan 2006
    A tad harsh. Don't always agree with Dax777 but he does know football and is a good contributor to this board.
  7. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    This is annoying. It seems you've been looking for an opportunity to insult me for a while, perhaps you find my opinions at odds generally with what you believe. That is fine. But wait till I actually say something worth insulting someone over.

    Saying I see more of Firmino than Kun in Dybala isn't even controversial. Its just my generalobservation of his performance. You can disagree without the insults. That you've resulted to attempting to demean my person says more about you than it does me. Now lets address your actual claims

    Both Dybala and Firmino are quite comfortable playing and have played in every position in the front 4: AM, RF, LF, ST. By the way this serves as one of the reasons for seeing more similarity btw them than with Aguero.

    Second, lets examine them statistically:
    Players: Dybala v Firmino
    Pass% 86. To 80
    Key pass. 1.97 to 1.96
    Chances created. 2.29 to 2.16
    Goals per game: 0.44 to 0.34 (0.28 to 0.34)
    Assists: 0.33 to 0.21 (0.14 to 0.18)
    BTW, Firmino seldom takes set pieces while Dybala takes corners penalties and freekicks. When you curate for those factors, their stats from open play looks even closer.

    Sure they are also different in lots of ways. Firmino is way better with his head, Dybala is a better dribler and takes on players more. E.t.c.

    But here is the kicker, the very point you laid your claim on I.e that "Dybala is one of the most lethal finishers in Europe" turns out to be false. He, Dybala, has a 46% shot accuracy compared to Firmino's at 65%.
    So for all your bluster, it seems you are the one who may not have seen much of either player. But I digress...

    I would explain to you why i suggested I thought Zichecho will be a fantastic fullback, but I doubt you are really interested. This was simply an attempt to poke. So I'll let it slide.

    But the fact that Alba, Alaba, Marcelo, Bernat, Rose, Valencia, Oscar Dr Marcos, Rose, Henrichs, Sinkgraven etc have done this should suggest to anyone that its not that esoteric of an idea. Especially for young players who don't have a set position yet.

    But like I said, I know this isn't about the issue. Anyway good luck.
  8. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    Manchester City could have signed Paulo Dybala for £30m two years ago but decided to buy Wilfried Bony instead. [Sunday Mirror]

    Txiki ordered an in-depth look at Dybala, who wanted to join City, but Manuel Pellegrini convinced him to sign Bony instead. [Sunday Mirror]

    Fucking hell
  9. malg


    16 Apr 2010
    111 this time around
  10. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    Haha very apt

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