Pep's Press Conferences - Liverpool (H) Pre-Match (Page 122)

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  1. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    your a dreamer matey when was the last time city ever got £50million for a player that come from the youth if we ever produce such a player why would we ever sell him my point is the team is to old to play every week and we are only got the fa cup to win this season so my point adds value to getting rid in the summer

    we have 4 or 5 youth players on loan so why did pep let them leave on loan if time is need to work with a top manager so you lost your battle there pep knows they are not good enough for city and what the owners want so shipped them out on loan sane sterling jesus will be the starting front line come next season show me a young city player going to push them for a place there are not there

    mark my words and come back to me next season
    manchester city will spend very big money in the summer on 5 or 6 first team players not squad players they are going straight in even if they are young like jesus the in and outs will add up to about £400million and pep will get alot of the dead wood out the door what he is saying know will change in the summer just like yaya never playing again for him

    i know for a fact football clubs sign youth players before anybody else can get them and loan them out to smaller european clubs and pay the wages just to keep them from catching the eye in england even with lower league clubs we have players that we signed just to stop the others getting him fact
  2. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Ok, you seem to have not actually read what I wrote, and are just replying to things you wish I'd said, so I don't think I'll bother with this anymore. Feel free to continue the conversation you're having with yourself though.
  3. Tricky_Trev


    17 Jan 2009
    I've been mightily pissed off since the game after being screwed over by yet another refereeing 'accidental mistake that will even out over the season'. But watching that press conference has made me feel great again. His comments about Stones are amazing.
  4. Southern


    9 Aug 2015

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  5. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
    ramp rat
    behind you
    having just watched that press conference,i see a hunger and desire in pep and that has only strengthened my feeling that he will make us a very very good team,a team we will all be proud of,with the way we play and the way we conduct our selves a team feared where you have to play at 100% to get anything out of the game.
  6. simon23


    26 May 2004
    Absolute brilliant from Pep that interview........the John Stones comments were hilarious but you could also tell he meant it...

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