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  1. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    are any of the players on loan going to be good enough to demand a place next season that's the question even the young players out on loan like barker are they going to be ripping up trees next season and replace sterling sane jesus. new signings must go straight into the first team then any loan players staying must bring something to the squad then the ageing players we have now must not be asked to play every game

    pep is not daft when asked in the press about new signing and player being asked to leave in the summer we are still in the race for top 4 and in the FA cup you don't rock the boat until the end of the season. say what people want to hear talk the talk but come june drop the bomb. like i said 5 first team places need to be replaced the keeper both fullbacks centerback a holding midfield player and even another striker everybody can see the hole's in manchester city team

    its got to be a big clean out with both squad and loan players we have to many players blocking the youth and top heavy with players that offer nothing but to block up the hole's how many game changers do we have on the bench that's the question. next season city need to be not carrying anybody the starting 11 must be playing every week then the bench must be players that can come on a change the game

    i can list 8 to 10 players that don't offer city anything in the squad other than to fill the team sheet that can not be right the balance needs to be right youth and players with experience city need to be going forward and not standing still
  2. Pablo1


    1 Aug 2011
    We've got the right man to take us forward that's the only thing that matters to me.
  3. 3rdgenerationblue


    31 Oct 2013
    I've just watched his .What a wonderful leader. No wonder players flock to his teams. intelligence, charismatic, loving, articulate, supportive, amusing. Having been a leader myself I know how hard it is and to see him in action and to hear his explanation on the game I am in awe. We are so so lucky.
  4. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Sorry but that's bollocks. Why do the players on loan have to be better than Sané, Sterling or Jesus? They don't. They need to be better than Navas, Delph, Fernando, Clichy.

    If you expect young kids coming into the team, whether it's off a loan or a £50m transfer to immediately be better than anyone else in the team then you will never see a young player in the team ever.

    You bring them in to be better than the old journeymen we've got on the bench, and they grow into that elite level, with game time and coaching.

    Roberts isn't better than Sané or Sterling, but would you rather have him on the bench or Navas? And with some time, experience, and coaching, he could be fulfil his potential and be a £40/£50/£60m player.

    But in your world, that would never happen because he's not immediately better than Sterling or Sané on day one, so you'd fuck him off.
  5. Blue Llama

    Blue Llama

    26 May 2009
    Or add to the journeyman list. There is no reason to believe all or even 1 will turn out to be an elite player.
  6. bluetonium


    24 Sep 2008
    Secret HQ of the Anti-Banoffee League
    Very glad I took the time to listen to Pep's post match press conference last night, he explains a lot of things including why he was especially pleased with that performance. Also, I may have misheard but i'm pretty sure he just told the media hacks face to face that john Stones has bigger balls than any of them in that room, to put up with the crap he does and still improve. Nice one Pep.

    Pep makes several good points, most of which are lost on those journalists attending judging by today's headlines. I thought it was vital for us to not lose yesterday, may sound negative but if you can't win, make sure you don't lose to a top four rival in the same week you have just gone out of Europe. Seems Pep agrees and the fact that we had three days to prepare and rest and they had a whole week, and the fact that they play in a way that could be dangerous to our setup, and we bloody well had the chances to skin them alive yesterday, and yet again we could have been talking about an inept refereeing performance, so all in all a draw is not the end of the world and shows that we have enough about us to come back from a goal down, a contested decision (by the players) to keep our heads and get a result. He points out we make so many chances, only Barca maybe create so may clear chances in the six yard box, and on another day we'd have been victors with relative ease.

    Personally, i think the way referees are treating our team has got Pep back up, and that is why he wants to stay and win here now in England more than ever, in the face of an unexpected obstacle in the form of the officials.

    Makes you realise that maybe a complete overhaul isn't required. Add Ilkay and Jesus and we would have had more possible rotation and probably finished a few more chances recently.
  7. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Then you move them on after a year or two if they don't cut it. This is what all of the best teams do. Some won't make it, some will. The ones who do make it get you a superstar, and the ones who don't can be sold on for a massive profit and open the door for new ones.

    Saying "There's no reason to believe all or even 1 will turn out to be an elite player" is just so fucking stupid, sorry. They're literally a group of the most promising players in their age groups that we've bought. Enes Unal was a prodigy, he's now scoring very high numbers for a midtable team in Eredivisie at 19. To say there's no reason to believe he might turn out to be an elite player is complete rubbish.

    In fact, if he does turn out to be world class, no one will say, "Oh didn't see that coming!" They'll say "No shit, he was bought for £2m at 17, broke every goal scoring record in Turkish youth football and made his international debut at 18".

    The same goes for nearly all of them. Marlos Moreno? No shit he's good, he was the best player in South America at 18 and City bought him for £8m after less than one full season, of course he's good".

    There are plenty of reasons to believe they'll be brilliant, if you can't see that then you're willingly blinding yourself to them, and are inherently against buying or using young players.
  8. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    Pep on his squad: "I know them well, they know me, but of course I want to change many things in the next season."
  9. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    manchester city are not what we used to be

    first thing first
    manchester city have not got time to wait for the youth to shine they want instant success you have to shine from the start and bring something to the team, loaning players out is another way but hand on heart how many rip up trees and demand a first team place in this city team. you bring up Navas a fully international for spain and that's why city paid big money for him and just like a youth player you don't really know how they are going to turn out but city will gamble on players like him than gamble on youth

    like it or not manchester buy the so called best young talent to keep them from others its a dirty world of youth football and its dog eat dog and manchester city and the others block players from there rivals and then send them out on loan to a european club that nobody cares about the players is happy with getting paid a very good wage by manchester city and the loan club is happy getting a player for free and don't even pay his wage

    and the biggest and most important thing is US FANS we want the glory right now top 4 champions league football silverware every season. we are greedy and not happy anymore with 2nd best we want to see superstars of international football NO we demand it the youth is way down the line on the list. just look at arsenal and there fans never missed a champions spot in the time its been running won the league and cups in the past 20 years only 2nd to united now they are up in arms the fans have turned on the players manager chairman everybody. if you asked me 10 years ago would you swap arsenal for manchester city you bite there hand off. but arseanl have gone down that route of bringing in youth and look at them now

    the days of manchester city and the fans just being happy when the pies have just turned up long gone matey
  10. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Why did I even bother reading all that rubbish?

    There's a difference between bringing something to the team, which they'd nearly all do, and being the best players in the team from day one, which is what you demanded.

    Bullshit, we buy them with the hope they get to the first team and end up getting £50m players for £5m. I suggest you read fewer Mark Ogden articles.

    Well where's the fucking silverware this season with all the old players in the squad? I can't see it. Meanwhile, Guardiola has shown it's entirely possible to win absolutely everything with young players.

    Blaming Arsenal's demise on using youth is hilarious as well. Absolutely hilarious.

    Fortunately all of this is redundant, because Guardiola doesn't share your views, and he's made that clear over the last 7 years and at every time he's been asked this season.

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