Pet Hates on the road!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by oman0115, 30 Jan 2014.

  1. oman0115


    9 Dec 2012
    What really grinds your gears when you're driving! Just been stuck behind a woman ( Shocker ) for about 8 miles. Couldn't over take, she persisted on slamming the breaks and crossing a green light at about 15 mph! Drives me mad, so many people must have points from traffic cameras because of that kind of thing! Rant over, what gets your goat?
  2. ChrisNUFC


    4 May 2012
    Space pirate
    In the cellar (RIP GSC)
    People who think they can drive up the bus lane then when, unsurprisingly, they get stuck behind a bus at a bus stop they think they can pull in in front of me. Get to fuck you ****s
  3. supercity88


    9 Aug 2009
    People that do not indicate at roundabouts when turning right. Happens so so often. And what is worse is that if I pull out, they crash into my side of the car and injure me, not themselves. I wouldn't mind if it was them that was potentially injured but it is so lazy not to indicate, I really cannot comprehend why people don't use them. It's like not wiping your arse after a shit, only easier.
  4. the god Gerry Gow

    the god Gerry Gow

    15 May 2008
    Drivers who seem unable to work out that red means stop

    Drivers who race past you at lights then drive at 25 in front of you


    People parking on double yellows - they are there for a reason

    The young girl who last week blocked up a road by pulling up to unload her shopping even though cars parked on both sides (and she had been shopping in a onesie!!!)

    Drivers in the wrong lane who just pull across without indicating

    Did I mention Cyclists
  5. foxy


    24 Mar 2009
    People who don't indicate at roundabouts
  6. johnny on the spot

    johnny on the spot

    19 Jul 2006
    Medicated for your safety.
    Selfish ****s who think that a row with their bird entitles them to drive angry.

    Just because you can't put your foot down at home, don't do it in front of a school, you prick.
  7. Manchester33


    12 Sep 2012
    Cyclists who Cycles in the middle of the road or on country lanes.

    People who drive in the fast lane of the motorway at 70mph.

    People who slam on breaks for speed cameras facing the other way.

    Women on the school run in their people carriers.

    Learners driving between 8-9:00 am.

    And finally, the sheer number of d*ck heads who think its acceptable to park across my drive!! :@
  8. Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    9 Mar 2007
    Upwind of the Mangrove Swamp
    Motorists who drive in the outside line past a line of queuing traffic knowing that it will shortly go to one lane. Why the fuck do you think we are queuing, yer ignorant bastards?
  9. foxy


    24 Mar 2009
    taxi drivers with a passion
  10. The Pink Panther

    The Pink Panther

    22 May 2005
    Traffic calming measures that are speed bumps

    Lorries that travel from Manchester to Sheffield on the Woodhead pass

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