Peter Kay's Car Share

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  1. Saddleworth2


    27 Jan 2014
    Did you realise that the blue woman was Lord Varys from Game of Thrones! You are right though it's all about taste though I love all the comedies you mention. I do like a good bit of slapstick. After all, that's what Fawlty Towers was (albeit incredibly well written).
  2. "Hiya Dave"
    "Hiya Barbara"
    "Hiya Denise"
    "Hiya Mum"
    "Alright Dave?"
    "Hiya Jim"

    If that's everyday life for you then it's hardly a surprise that you can't suspend disbelief for 4 minutes whilst watching a comedy programme.

    If I'd have sat with the missus and kids moaning that "the monkey wouldn't have got out, this is daft", they'd all disown me for being a miserable twat.
  3. Tom_mcfc


    20 Aug 2004
    I think you will be in the minority if you're going to claim car share is a better comedy than the royle family. As I put above it's just taste and in different programmes I can live with daft stuff, my issue with this programme is it could of been something very funny and close to home to a lot of commuters. Instead it just turned a bit daft, some will like it some won't.
  4. On one hand you say comedy is a matter of taste, one the other you say it could have been funny.

    Many people found it very funny.

    I don't think Car Share was better than the Royle Family but there were parts of it that were ludicrous. Tell me what's more likely, a monkey escapes a safari park on a car or a bloke gets a turkey stuck on his head on Christmas day?

    I thought that scene was shite but it doesn't mean the entire thing was shit.
  5. Adidas Sharston

    Adidas Sharston

    15 Jan 2016
    Another well written series by Peter Kay. Sian Gibson was brilliant, a very sexy lady.
  6. Tom_mcfc


    20 Aug 2004
    I think many people was mixed on this, many of which are Peter Kay fans like myself. The specials for the Royle Family were not as funny and I didn't enjoy them as they got daft with the turkey/ golden egg cups, the first two series especially were brilliant though. I don't think car share was shite because of the monkey, I thought it was just shite in general and was amazed so many people found a monkey funny. It just all was a bit daft for me which could of been better for myself personally given the idea it originated from.
  7. Fair enough.

    League of Gentlemen was funnier than both anyway. ;)
  8. TheRemainsOfTheDave


    16 Mar 2017
    It's hard to watch when you know where it's being filmed. He does some odd routes to get to work!
  9. xgorton


    23 Jun 2011
    Rutland Water.
    Early doors best ever.
  10. Bluemoon230989


    29 Mar 2009

    The sign that said "Missing husband - last seen in a whore"

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