Phil Foden - 2017/18 performances

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by Bill, 21 Jul 2017.

  1. Mike N

    Mike N

    26 May 2004
    I think Foden will start at Wigan.
  2. ws01


    6 Nov 2011
    100% should have come on when we went 4 up.

    No way should he start at Wigan though, best team possible please.
  3. purplenose


    25 Oct 2015
    Horizontal dancing instructor
    The Deep South of Cheshire
    The way things are shaping up I think he will get the right amount of time on the field this season.

    Those clamouring for him to start against Wigan might be missing something. I dont know much about how Wigan play but it might well be that they will be a tad physical. We really dont want him getting kicked up in the air at this stage.

    Pep might be of the opinion he is better playing against high class opposition and as a result might get time in bigger games than might be expected.
  4. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    That's why yesterday's game would have been great. He was playing against a football playing team.

    I got that Silva and Sane needed some stretch time, but on minute 80 I was of the mind that Kompany was safe and we could use the third sub on Foden to get a run out. But instead we went with Danilo, who by the way was 1 yellow away from a suspension.

    Nitpicking here, but I thought that was unnecessarily cautious.
  5. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    It's still the first leg a Foden's only 10 minutes back from injury himself.

    I wanted to see him, but I'm pretty sure he'll make an appearance in the second leg unless things go to shit.

    As long as Foden gets a league winners medal I'll be happy. The image of a 17 year old academy product from Stockport picking up a premier league winners medal will be fantastic.
  6. CityStu


    7 Jan 2011
    I imagine he'll get a lot more game time towards the end of the league season too if we avoid a horrendous run of form. Key players will be rested more for other competitions.
  7. Cheadle_hulmeBlue


    27 Oct 2012
    tbf you could apply that to every game. he has to get used to it and more game time will help with that. I wouldnt say he is weak either. id start him against wigan. i think its exactly the type of game where he should get a chance.
  8. Plain Speaking

    Plain Speaking

    12 Dec 2010
    Maybe Pep was hoping he would get Danilo suspended for the second leg to clean his slate? ;-)

    Basel second leg seems a dead rubber. I thought Ferny's yellow was silly, we can't afford to have him missing in a future leg.

    Do you know when the general amnesty is for past yellow card totting up suspensions?
  9. Cobra


    21 Aug 2008
    Assuming we win the title with a few games to spare, I'd be very disappointed if Foden and Brahim didn't start at least a couple of matches each at the end of the season.
  10. SWP's back

    SWP's back

    29 Jun 2009
    by the pool
    I thought they were all wiped for the beginning of 1/4 final.

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