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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SiMCFC, 12 Mar 2013.

  1. SiMCFC


    13 Jun 2011
    I'm Here, I'm There, I'm Every....
    I'm not sure whether i'm having an early midlife crisis or not and the Mrs say's it's rather gay but a couple of months back whilst out on my bike, I decided I wanted a new 'hobby'. Bought myself a Canon 650d and have started to really enjoy snapping lots of different subjects, mainly buildings of interest.

    Anyone else into photography? amateur or pro..

    After some recommendations of books etc to help me to the next level
  2. chabal


    10 Apr 2011
    Can't help with the photography but in terms of a mid life crisis it's only a genuine one if;

    a) you get a tattoo
    b) admit to it
    c) leave bluemoon
    d) come back again

    Hope this helps.
  3. toby


    9 Dec 2008
    Are you on Facebook there is a group called lens envy quite a few pros on but willing to give advice and some fantastic pictures .
  4. Hamann Pineapple

    Hamann Pineapple

    19 Aug 2006
    Ross 128 b
    Will you take some naked pictures of me on your bike ?
  5. BlueMo'


    8 Sep 2008
    Self imposed exile in Co Mayo.
    Something i'd really like to get into.
    I was 50 yesterday so more than likely beyond mid life:(
    At least you bought the camera, i spent the money on drink and drugs
    and just dreamt about it. Never too late i suppose and it doesnt involve
    the gym so i've not given up hope.
  6. Drog_Town_Punk


    2 Jan 2009
    Drogheda, Ireland
    Yeah i do photography, have a Panasonic lumix g3 prefer it to nearly all cameras I've tried, i have some pics up here,
  7. Rascal


    10 Jan 2005

    After a slow start HP you just crack me up every day
  8. nomorethaksintimes


    13 Jun 2009
    Don't need to waste money on books unless you want nice coffee table ones mate.

    I'd start with the below to fill in any missing gaps in knowledge and go from there.

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... lete-guide</a>

    Youtube is full of great camera shows - I'm sure you'll even be able to find in-depth guides to getting the most out of that Canon 650d.

    DigitalRevCom is worth checking out - it's kind of like a Top Gear for photography and they have great challenges where they give famous pro photographers shitty cameras to shoot with and the results they get are amazing - teaches you a lot about composition etc.
  9. salfordpaul


    22 Mar 2009
    i really should be somewhere else
    really good them pal
  10. DruntBlunt


    4 Dec 2011
    Scandinavian plastic
    As others have pointed out, no need to buy any books, yet. There are lot of sites with plentiful information, and good forums as well. can be a good place to start. have active forums and lots of stuff and for good info on Canon lenses.

    I don't know what lense(s) you've got, but I would guess you got it kitted with a 18-55 mm. This should be a good lense for buildings and architecture, and a great beginners lense. If shooting architecture becomes your thing you will in time want to consider getting a wider focal length, e.g a Canon EF-S 10-22 mm and ultimately a tilt-shift lense (where you can shift the focal plane(very expensive)). I had the same camera last year, and I used the Canon EF-S 15-85 mm lens on it (a lot). This is somewhat more expensive than the 18-55, but it has a very useful reach and top image quality. Highly reccomended.

    Start out by learnig the basics about ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Also seek out some videos about basic composition. After a while you will consider shooting in RAW format instead of JPG. This will enable you to do a lot of work on your pictures in post. (adjusting white balance, exposure, noise reduction etc..) I highly reccomend Adobe Lightroom (much more important than Photoshop). This will control your workflow and give you most of the editing tools you'll need. You can get a 30 day free trial from Adobe. An absolute must IMO.

    Seek out the aftermarket scene in UK. The nice thing about buying into the more expensive Canon lenses on the aftermarket is that the prices are very stable. You could have a lens "on loan" for a few years and then sell it on for nearly the same price.


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