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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by pweyhe, 19 Jul 2013.

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  1. pweyhe


    28 Oct 2011
    PLEASE READ ALL OF IT BEFORE COMMENTING.. This is an adamant defense of an undervalued player..

    Ever since Nasri left Arsenal, abuse has reigned down on him in amounts I don't think he was ready for. Soon after the media started searching for ways to make him look bad, and sky sports has a hard-on for criticizing everything he does.

    Then the Euro championships came along, and he got man of the match in the first game but was then made a dumb gesture to the media, which young people are prone to do sometimes. Usually it would be forgotten, but instead it was somehow made the focus of everything that went wrong for France in the next games. So now he has his own country's people and media bashing him into the ground as well.

    Then he comes back and has a great start to the season for us, but gets injured, and then comes back playing great and gets suspended, and then comes back and the Man U incident happens. At this point even his OWN club's fans are bashing him.

    Clearly he made some mistakes in this time period, but wow did he really deserve literally everyone criticizing and abusing him. The guy couldn't tweet without getting a thousand insults in response.

    At this point, he had every reason to just take his money and ask to move on to some lower club.. but he didn't. He came back in the last 2 months, and fought to be one of our best players, and it continued into America and now in South Africa.

    What is my point? I'm sick of people calling him a shithouse and a coward. Yeah he's done some stupid crap, but he has gotten an extraordinary amount of abuse for someone who isn't exactly attacking anyone else? The kid is just prideful like most people in the world. But he didn't give up on this club, did he? He's here and he is clearly fighting to prove himself and to help this team. He didn't have to do that. He could have easily left and ran from the abuse, but he chose to stand up and be counted, and I think that takes some serious mental strength.

    Also, sometimes people don't like the things he says, but I find his take on things quite refreshing. He is always honest and candid about what is happening and how he feels. He doesn't blame other people for his problems, and he knows what he has to do to improve. Anyone who doesn't believe me should read his Times interview from last year.. <a class="postlink-local" href="" onclick=";return false;">viewtopic.php?f=1&t=283513</a> He is intelligent, and he LOVES football.

    I'm sorry for this ridiculously long defense, but I've thought about this from time to time so I guess I just spewed it all out. I really hope people will get behind Nasri, because when he feels love and support.. that is when he is at his best. And he is honestly a joy to watch when confident and flowing, and he could do BIG things for us if we just give him some support!
  2. malg


    16 Apr 2010
    111 this time around
    Re: Samir Nasri is NOT a Shithouse

  3. moggymoz


    19 Nov 2009
    Re: Samir Nasri is NOT a Shithouse

    I'd change the topic headline if i were you fella... "CoC"
  4. Dzeko's Right Boot

    Dzeko's Right Boot

    15 Jan 2011
    Re: Samir Nasri is NOT a Shithouse

    You're fighting a losing battle mate. He isn't a 'shithouse' and everyone here knows it. But people need a scapegoat and because Nasri did ONE thing in a high profile match, he is that scapegoat. He's an asset to the team who will have a big season. It could be argued he had a better season than Dave last year.
  5. Jumanji


    22 Jan 2011
    Re: Samir Nasri is NOT a Shithouse

    It's been a long time since Nasri got genuine stick en masse as he's improved...

    Blows too hot and cold, and always looks better when Silva isn't playing.

    Much like during his 6mo purple patch when Fabregas was out.
  6. CC1


    30 Jun 2009
    Re: Samir Nasri is NOT a Shithouse

    He has my support - he's a blue
  7. Why Always Ste

    Why Always Ste

    15 Oct 2009
    Gym Rat
    111 South Stand
    Re: Samir Nasri is NOT a Shithouse

    He'll show his worth under MP.

    A few lads I sit with rip Samir to death and he doesn't deserve it.

    I remember some of his performances for Arsenal and France.
    He'd run freely with the ball, beating man for man, he looked awesome.

    We haven't seen this Nasri in a sky blue shirt. He was restricted by Mancini.

    Hopefully, he'll be allowed to run with the ball next season.
  8. carlos tevez is a blue

    carlos tevez is a blue

    25 Nov 2010
    Re: Samir Nasri is NOT a Shithouse

    Are you Nasri's dad?
  9. noise


    24 Oct 2012
    apparently Bosnian
    Re: Samir Nasri is NOT useless

    Nasri is not my favorite player but I feel he will do great under Pelegrini. His talent is undeniable.
  10. Blue Haze

    Blue Haze

    5 May 2010
    Yes Pirlo Yes Party
    Re: Samir Nasri is NOT useless

    Nasri isn't useless, he's just overpaid for what he gives us.
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