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  1. The answer is simple, 2 extra sub places on the bench for under 19 players who have been at the parent club for over 6 months of which 1 player can be chosen. Youth players will then be on the bench for every premier league game, get matchday experience, have something to work for at all times in u23/u18 games. Every team in every league gets the same and hey ho, kids on the bench. 3-0 up at home to Watford and Foden gets 15 mins. Easy.
  2. Frank76


    11 Dec 2016
    Because I've never seen a player from City's academy play for our first team so to current date there has been zero connection. You honestly think that given the money now in the EPL the players cited above would be given the opportunity to play in our first team as kids? Not a chance. I would love to see local lads play in our first team as I'm sure most of us would but to all intents and purposes the Academy is a propaganda tool and little else.
  3. ColinLee


    3 Sep 2012
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    Read this and tell me you still feel the same.
  4. Maly Wilson

    Maly Wilson

    22 Jul 2009
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    Wow......sorry if this comes across a bit disrespectful, but have about actually engaged your brain before typing or do you just believe all the negative propogander about City?

    The CFA has been opened for 2 years & 2 months so far, so please explain how any youth player who has trained there for all of their City career is actually old enough to play in the first team? I'm not sure what age kids are signed from, but say it's 6 years old; that means that the oldest players who have been trained all their career at CFA will be 8. Now I'm aware of the adage that if you're good enough, you're old enough, but there will never be an 8 year old that plays in the Prem, so I'd suggest that your arguarment has more holes in it than a sieve.

    We've always been told that the plan has been to have half the first team coming from our academy and as far as I'm aware, everything that has been said by our owners has been carried out, so have a little patience & wait for these 8 year olds prove you wrong in another 10 years.
  5. Cobra


    21 Aug 2008
    We had an academy before the CFA was opened, so that argument is nonsense to be honest.
  6. Frank76


    11 Dec 2016
    Just to give me a dose of realism could you tell me why the opening of the CFA means we will have half the team coming from their? For the last 10 years City have had amongst the finest academy systems in the country with an aggressive recruitment policy that has ensured we have the best young talent in the country. Our academy is probably second only to Chelsea across all age groups and we regularly appear against them in FA youth cup finals which underlines this point. Has this led to more players coming into our first team?

    If the pathway has been limited thus far why would it open up in the next 10 years? (FYI players can only sign for a club like ours at under 9). The majority of the boys in our under 18s went to private school and I don't see, given their standard, that the next batch will be better because we have more pitches? The money and pressures involved at the top level simply means Managers who live on a knife edge are unlikely to blood untested youngsters when they have hundreds of millions at their disposal.

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