Predictions before the window closes.

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by riley347, 18 Aug 2017.

  1. Andouble


    26 Mar 2007
    sounds good to me.
  2. Dobsy


    6 Jul 2011
    I second this. I've been quietly confident on Sanchez for a few weeks now. With Mbappe I think we're his third choice.

  3. Mbappe
    Jonny Evans

    Evans in that list. Mutton dressed as lamb in the area.

  4. Feelin this.
  5. Cityfan


    28 Jan 2009
    Firstly if there is a more relevant thread apologies and feel free to move it I just could not work out if there is one.

    How do folk think our business has gone so far and what more do we need to do?

    For me Players in I have no argument with the quality of any of the players I have not seen that much of the overseas players particularly Danilo and Ederson before arrival but it looks like a very good window for quality of players so far though usually one or two may not quite work out.
    In terms of overall squad composition if it stays like this I feel we have missed out though . At the back we have sold Kolarov and released three full backs but have only recruited three players and with one player injured we had no true left sided defenders at all last week, last season as well as being short on quality we appeared short on numbers at times using makeshift full backs much of the time.
    Up front we have sold three forwards and recruited no one, Between them Nolito, Navas and Iheanacho played significant numbers of games last season and our other forwards esp Sterling looked tired at times as the season finished. Some of Guardiolas tactics rely on a fairly tiring pressing game for which forwards need to be fresh.

    In terms of players out it has been disappointing that we have again failed to sell Hart and the money for and Nolito and possibly Nasri probably represents a loss following the dreaded Amortisation.
    Lack of takers for Mangala , Denayer and Bony also seem to be a problem with Delph not serving an obvious function in the squad.

    Overall then I am happy with the players brought in but feel that the squad remains thin in places and susceptible to injury and tiredness as the season progresses and one which I am not confident we can maintain involvement in all competitions over the course of the season as was suggested in the post season video.
    I feel we absolutely need the three more players that have been talked about if we are to compete on all front, though the squad as it stands is certainly a decent one.
  6. Citizen in Pakistan

    Citizen in Pakistan

    11 Aug 2012
    We have recruited good players and most importantly they are young and will serve us for a long time to come. But we need sanchez and evans to go through as well. To give our squad a more balanced look.
  7. Tarzan41


    4 Jul 2010
    Possibly more value assessing the window at the end?


    24 Jun 2013
    Great summer but it was well overdue! Squad was old and needed a big turnover.....what we do in the last week could make a big difference to our season! Get Sanchez and a CB and we can push for Prem and semi's in CL....sit on the squad we have and have a good year but I see top 3 place in the prem....Need more firepower upfront and an injury from Kompany and we in trouble...
  9. NQCitizen


    4 Feb 2012
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    Location? We're Not Really Here.
    Right now we're thin at centre back, full back and up front. Which ironically are the biggest pressure points with the formation we've started the season with.

    We're in danger or the exodus actually having been too large.
  10. bugsyblue


    7 May 2009
    7/10 so far. If we sign Sanchez then I'd say 9/10.

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