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  1. KCblue


    20 Apr 2015
    The States
    25 of the 40 have us winning it and 35 of the 40 have us finishing top 2. Only side in everyone's top 4. Time for City to execute.
  2. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    Will we win title? That depends if we stop missing chances by the bucket full and conceding goals from breakaways. We haven't sorted out replacements with power and pace for the crucual DM (or pivot) spot either.
    The keeper looks good as do Danilo and Walker and B.Silva is a wonderful buy.
    I personally would have us finishing second as 16 points is a lot to make up on Chelsea to win the league!
    As such to see most of the press having us in top spot is interesting. As to Utd - the press will akways drool to get the clicks - but I couldn't give a stuff - only derby games count.
    Chelsea will be the main challenge. 16 points is a lot to make up and improving our home form will be vital in this.
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  3. gordondaviesmoustache


    19 Oct 2010
    That's right, man; I got in
    Any borough in England and Wales
    At least Phil Neville is consistent.
  4. taleofbluehalves


    19 Oct 2010
    An interesting idea that 16 points is a lot to make up. Thing is how many points were the result of Bravo's terrible keeping? Look at the 2nd half of the season. Look at how we've upgraded the squad. Look at our pre-season form. Look at the fact all teams start on 0 not -16. Look at the fact we have the best coach in the world. Now chin up man!!
  5. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    Agree with you on the terrible Bravo keeping but 16 points =
    5 defeats to wins + 1 defeat to a draw. OR
    5 draws to wins + 2 defeats to wins.
    It's a chasm and a bigger task than in 2011-12.
    As to Pep being the best coach in the world - clearly only if he has good players in every position. Last season pragmatism was required - and it wasn't delivered - and his substitutions showed that isn't a strong point either.
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  6. hihosilva


    10 May 2011
    My full prediction

    Man City
    Man Utd
    West Ham
    West Brom
    Crystal Palace
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  7. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    Assumes Chelsea will remain at the same level.
  8. Thenumber1blue


    19 Apr 2009
    Or ALL the offside decisions that worked for them !
  9. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    Exactly. He has already laid out his strategy for success, which has worked for him in the past, and has bought to add to the way he intends to play.

    He plays not to lose FIRST, then to grab a win. They were quite successful at it last season, winning two trophies in the process and slinking into the CL through the back door. By the time his second season rolls around, he has usually got the tactics and personnel in place (although I think he might still be a few players shy this season) to follow his longstanding strategy.

    All of that said, the title is in City's hands if we can consistently play anything like we did in pre-season. My hope is that we won't be so wasteful in front of goal and we can tighten up a bit at the back, which should be enough given the creativity we have in the side creating chances.

    What I was most impressed with in pre-season was the level and intensity of the pressing in the opposition half. If we can keep players fit and fresh through rotation, that kind of intensity, coupled with the control and creativity when we have possession, should command almost every game and see us through. We were the only team in the League to have greater than 50% possession in every game we played and we put it to excellent use in almost every game...until that final pass or shot. We need to be slightly more clinical and, possibly, use one less pass, but then that is not a newsflash to anyone who watches us week in, week out.

    We start as favorites because we are, by far, the best footballing team in the League. Now, it is just a matter of how we turn that into goals and points.

    The future is Blue!
  10. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    How much work to get those 16 points...
    (Replace relegated team with promoted equivalent)

    The low hanging fruit...(+6 points)
    - Southampton (H) draw to win (+2)
    - Middlesbrough (H) draw to win (+2)
    - Stoke (H) draw to win (+2)

    The more difficult fruit,,, (+7 points)
    - Middlesbrough (A) draw to win (+2)
    - Leicester (A) loss to win (+3)
    - Everton (H) draw to win (+2) - only more difficult in light of their squad improvement.

    Still 3 points short.

    Achievable but not easy... (+9 points)
    Chelsea (H) loss to win (+3)
    Spurs (H) draw to win (+2)
    Liverpool (H) draw to win (+2)
    Utd (H) draw to win (+2)

    Difficult to obtain extra points...
    Liverpool (A) defeat
    Spurs (A) defeat
    Chelsea (A) defeat
    Arsenal (A) draw
    Everton (A) defeat

    Difficult to maintain:
    Utd (A) win - it's a derby (anything could happen)

    Hey you could run a General Election style swingometer on this...
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