Realistic starting 11 and squad for next season

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by colombia-mcfc, 29 May 2017.

  1. The Black Shed

    The Black Shed

    9 Oct 2012
    Ederson and Kompany + 9 others is my guess.
    Nobody will get it right and it won't be the same line up game-to-game.
    Going to be fun to watch though that's for sure.

    Me before the takeover: watching from behind the sofa
    Me after the takeover: watching really close to the screen, panting like a dog on a hot day, tail wagging.

    I would insert some gifs but cannot be arsed!
  2. taleofbluehalves


    19 Oct 2010
    Bobbins pundit. Totally biased. Gary Neville is far better as a player and pundit.
  3. casualdeyna


    24 Aug 2010
    Even though Yaya proved to be one of our most important players last season I don't see him being first choice this, also hopefully VK will stay fit, so I'll go for:

    Walker Kompany Stones Mendy
    Gundogan KDB
    B.Silva D.Silva Sane

    I'm aware that leaves Aguero among others on the bench but when he and Jesus were fit, prior to Jesus injury, Aguero was on the bench.

    This is obviously pointless and I'm just passing a bit of time on my lunch hour, but what is clear is we are going to have some squad next season!

    We need to get the full backs sorted but personally I would also like a "Busquets/Makelele" style centre-mid, who would allow the rest of the midfield to push right on, aware Ferna/Yaya can do this but both over 30, as I'd then push KDB up further and play 4-1-4-1, which would be pretty entertaining to watch!

    Spoilt for choice really :-)
  4. Bluview


    24 Feb 2016
    Kw vk no ak (bm)
    Bs kdb ds
    Ls sa gj

    Pace skill goals creativity - if the front 6 pressed to win it back early I'd like to see this destroy teams. If not I'd bring in the best of the dog, dinho or ya ya to sit in the middle. I can't help thinking we may only have room for one of the silvas at the same time as they seem similar to me but not seen enough of bs.
  5. 01cravend


    13 Aug 2009
    Middle of somewhere
    People living in dreamland with some of these midfields..0 balance

    Vs Brighton

    Scored 15 and conceded 2 in the last 4 games of the season with this team with inferior fullbacks

    Ease B.Silva in to find the role that best suits him in Peps team either out wide or in the middle(though probably both)
    Also ease Gundogan back into the groove
    Sterling will start the season where he ended last(on the bench) and will need to force his way back in..Even more so for Stones
    Dinho rotating with Yaya and covering Walker?
  6. That will be one strong bench with Gudonghan,Sterling,Fernandinho and Bernardo Silva and Stones sat on it. Needed doing as there was a drop off in quality last season after our first eleven.
  7. ballbag


    21 Aug 2014
    I like the look of that and the depth we have compared to last season (except for FBs).
  8. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    Who the fuck us Phil? We only reckon with one Neville as a pundit.
  9. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    Early on

    Walker Kompany Stones Mendy
    ..........Silva..... Debryune....

    After 5 weeks. when Bernado is fully integrated I reckon the middle 3 will become fluid rotation btw the 2 Silva's and Kev.
  10. greasedupdeafguy


    14 Apr 2009
    I expect something like this although my team would have stones and fernandinho starting ahead of Yaya and Otamendi

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