Redcafe thread on Xavi Hernandez interview

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Cityfan, 8 Jan 2018.

  1. BJL_City


    13 Dec 2016
    this is where we're heading...

  2. MP71


    4 Apr 2012
    We'd still win
  3. taconinja


    19 Oct 2010
    They've fully descended into RAWK Cult Mentality. They have to try to create their own reality where the only reason they're not dominating every aspect of football is that they've been denied their rightful place due to corruption and conspiracies. Dissent can not be tolerated in that paradigm, and that includes outside sources who differ in ideology such as Xavi displayed in his interview.
  4. Pam


    19 Aug 2004
    He was right first time about Lumpkaku, though.
  5. eversince 76

    eversince 76

    16 May 2013
    I just wonder how we would respond on an article like this if it was the other way round. Happily it isn't.
    Despite a good read and Xavi being one one of the best midfieldplayers ever, I agree with a lot of rags he is/was an arrogant twat on and off the pitch. Always moaning to referees and asking for opponents to be booked. And it's not the first interview I read where he simply can't take away that image.

    Other than that, it's funny to see there is not one single rag able to confress Xavi is actually talking about several big teams who don't wanna play football as in the way Barcelona used to play, the United of today being one of them. As soon as they play a team that Mourinho rates, he makes them play far more defensively. So he did at Real when he was manager over there. As well as being the Inter manager, but than again in Italy that kind of football was well appreciated. Not so in Madrid. And we don't see a happy bunch over the road, now do we.

    Finally I'd like to think we play Peps' way, not the way Barcelona played nor Bayern. Different players, different leagues and different times. It's a bit similar in many ways but it's not a copy. Does it matter? Hell it does. As long as we try and keep entertaining, the winning comes with that more often than not and will deliver silverware in the end. So I'm not complaining whatsoever.
  6. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    united are so behind the 8 ball on and off the field of play you can not be like united in football anymore the money today is in rich owners without shares or loans or debt you have to be building your assets not take loans on them and until united clean the debt and change the running of there club its always going to be 2nd rate

    manchester city and the owners built something that no other club have done and its now coming to fruit its got so many irons in the fire from outside of football under the umbrella of manchester city that money is now coming in quicker than its being spent its a wonderful brave new world not a gamble but a future
  7. 1.618034


    14 Sep 2008
    I exist on the best terms I can.
    A Pale Blue Dot
    Thanks for that.

    Some of the comments are delicious.

    The fact that it's now us, little City, The Noisy Neighbours, the rivals that they deny having, that's setting the agenda and winning the hearts and minds of a generation is killing them.

    *Muttley laugh*
  8. 1st reply. No you thick twat. Why are you questioning one of the greatest players in history and saying you learned to do what one of the greatest managers in history taught him when you were in an under 12's Sunday league team?

    You learned to mark up at a throw in, not to win back possession from it you arrogant rag prick.
  9. Akira


    10 Aug 2010
    Exactly. Why would Xavi not be talking up the style of football that has brought him numerous trophies and success?

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