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    The Guardiola Circle Jerk
    Presumably on a Krasnodar forum boring them all shitless.
  2. Zenit lost 2-1 at RB Leipzig last night, an 86th-minute free kick from captain Criscito keeping them competitive in the tie:

    Mancini coming under some stick for comments about not getting the transfers he wanted - both last summer and this winter - given that Zenit have basically spent as much as the rest of the league put together.
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    RB Leipzig knocked Napoli out so not too shabby.
  4. Currently on a train between St Petersburg and Moscow so haven't followed it, but gather they've drawn 0-0 in Rostov this afternoon. Spartak, CSKA and Loko all play tonight or tomorrow and barring some surprise results, Zenit could be 5th after this round of fixtures, ten points off top spot with eight games to play.

    Bob was already starting to come under genuine pressure last week. I'd suggest that Thursday's Europa League tie against Leipzig is going to be vital for him.
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    Brilliant name for a team that
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    If that's really his account he should know better.

    Looks like there'll be no Zenit Evening News page taken out by him when he leaves anyway.
  8. Just to belatedly record that Zenit's three Moscow rivals all won on Sunday and Monday. So, after 22 games, Lokomotiv have 49 points. CSKA and Spartak are both 8 adrift, Krasnodar a further point back on 40 and then come Zenit, in fifth, with 39. After the terrific start, a run of 20 points from 15 matches has been a huge disappointment. As I said, the pressure will really be on for the Europa League game on Thursday.
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    At least he didn't spit at him.
  10. 1-1 on the night, so Zenit are out of the Europa League. No disgrace in that against a top German side, but it means that our Bob has lost a chance of redemption if poor league results continue.

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