Rome-Napoli Day Trip

Discussion in 'Ticket and travel exchange' started by SeanInrome, 3 Sep 2017.

  1. njs1989


    13 Nov 2011
    Hi sean are you still going ahead with this? I’m in Rome Sunday to Wednesday. Will only need 4 one way tickets though as staying over in Naples after match. Can you let me know how much and will the coach be just heading straight back to Rome from the ground or stopping near the port in Naples at all? Cheers
  2. casserole of nonsense

    casserole of nonsense

    17 Feb 2016
    Stoned Soul Picnic
    What's your user name when you aren't in Rome?
  3. SeanInrome


    21 Nov 2014
    Hi njs and c o n

    I’m in Rome all year round and run tours through Italy.
    A one way option could be possible if anyone is interested pm me.
    As for stopping at the port on the way back, could be very possible if the majority wants to and don’t mind getting back to Rome a little later.
    Still plenty of spots if people have their tickets.
  4. Ryburn


    11 Oct 2017
    Sean. Is this trip going? looking for 3 places.
  5. SeanInrome


    21 Nov 2014
    Hi Mick,
    Any ideas on your plans for the Napoli game?
    After speaking with the police these days I’ve decided we’ll go from Rome to the port area for beer stop and then to the stadium.
    I’ve also added the link to my website if you want to book.
  6. SeanInrome


    21 Nov 2014
    Hi Ryburn,
    Some spots are still available but we’ll be leaving at 2pm instead of 3pm so we can grab a drink before the game.
    Any problems booking pm me
  7. aka blue jambo

    aka blue jambo

    2 Nov 2008

    i am staying in Naples for this one mate but hopefully catch up with you

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