Shakhtar (a) Post Match thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by MCFC1993, 6 Dec 2017.

  1. hihosilva


    10 May 2011
    Mangala is the new Lescott
  2. Blue Tooth

    Blue Tooth

    25 Aug 2008
    Rhythmical Alchemist
    One good thing about music, when it hits you, you
    Youngsters did really well and the experience will only stand them in good stead. In second gear most of the game we could still have nicked a draw if Jesus's tap was better directed.Lots of key players rested for the weekend for a game that matters. Bring it on.
  3. 1.618034


    14 Sep 2008
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    A Pale Blue Dot
    Oh dear. What a shame. Never mind.
  4. cadds92


    20 Mar 2017
    I can't see Pep wanting to persist with Yaya and Mangala for much longer.

    Danilo is very hit and miss.

    Bernardo Silva needs to start stepping up soon. He looks like an Arsenal player at the moment with him looking silky and tricky, but doesn't really offer much.
  5. Nasri's Hair

    Nasri's Hair

    16 Apr 2016
    Thoughts on the game:
    Diaz played very well think he deserves some more game time
    Foden think he was nervous to start, but showed glimpses
    Bernardo Silva Have seen him play very well for Monaco and Portugal, but hasn't shown it for City. Easy to forget he is only 23 though. Still see him as the Silva replacement and Silva will be here for a couple more years. Give him time.
    Yaya too slow watching him jog back for that first goal was just sad.
    Dinho Think him Stones and Otamendi would make an awesome back three if we ever decide to go that route
    Danilo FLOP we sjould try to move him on in the summer and bring in Maffeo as the second choice right back
    Gundogan think he played very well
    Tosin Not bad defensively, but seems really slow which with the pace players have now and our high line doesn't work
    Mangala played like Mangala
    Ederson- not much he could do right for that second goal defense was beat and would have been a one on one if he didn't come out anyway.

    Everyone else okay.

    Honestly for a game that meant nothing don't really care so much about the result. No injuries limited play time for Fernandinho and Sane I'm pleased. Obviously thought we could have played better, but the team we played was really weak and showed our depth isn't as good as perceived.
  6. super_city_si


    29 Dec 2007
    Spot on
    Pep will have learnt a lot from that tonight
  7. blue by birth

    blue by birth

    15 Sep 2011
    Thought Diaz and Foden played excellently...Foden played out of his normal position and still looked comfortable.
    Diaz was so positive and caused them somebody already said he could unlock packed defences.
    No injuries was a huge plus .
  8. Pablo1


    1 Aug 2011
    What a bizarre thing to say.
  9. scousemanc


    26 Feb 2009
    Liverpool via Gatley and Chorlton
    Really pleased we didn't get any injuries and don't think those who play at the weekend over exerted themselves - more of a run out for them. Great to see the youngsters for more than 5 minutes and Diaz was a revelation to me. 2nd half looked good. Also pleased Sergio got on the score sheet - that will do him good.
    Finally, and I know it's a weird thing to say, I think it's good to get a loss out of the way. This unbeaten run thing can be an unwanted burden on the players and now we have a fresh start. Normal business will be resumed at the weekend!
  10. lancs blue

    lancs blue

    31 Jul 2007
    It's barm so STFU.
    Not too bothered about the defeat, it was always likely in the circs. Diaz was excellent in his brief appearance, no idea why Foden was LWB but he stuck to it and Tosin made two excellent covering tackles in the 2nd half.

    On the negative side Bernardo has a lot of improving to do before he's a decent like for like replacement in the first XI. Yaya should be pensioned off in January.

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