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  1. quiet_riot


    2 Jun 2006
    IT Nerd
    Block 221

    When you do this, you often get a glare from a steward or a quiet word shortly after. As people in 221 will testify
  2. cyberblue


    24 Dec 2005
    Just seen a load of photos of City & rag fans from the late 70s .so many fans of that era were vety young .The majority of fans nowadays are not young maybe that is a reason for the decline in atmosphere
  3. Cheadle_hulmeBlue


    27 Oct 2012
    tbf if the entire blocks of 114 and 115 actually sung it would work. right now theres about 20 people at the back of 115 singing and thats it
  4. MCFCTrick


    19 Apr 2008
    Exactly .... it was young lads, in groups and going nuts and singing their heads off. Prices etc have stopped a lot going, but also most nowadays are more likely to be either filming it, or chatting on social media during the game than getting vocal ..
  5. The blue phantom

    The blue phantom

    26 Aug 2015

    I honestly think mate as has been said folk just can't be arsed. Its as simple as that.

    Credit to the lads who are trying to solve the problem, its an hard task.
  6. CITY24/7


    16 Apr 2010
    yorkshire's bum hole (Goole)
    Tbf mate I think you're right I've been in both area's and they seem to be more up for singing in 110/111 and more of a laugh less bothered if you know what I mean, but they do have less numbers
  7. jrb


    8 Oct 2008
    I used to have a season ticket in 111. Halfway up the block. TBH it was brilliant. Not every match was great, but the big games where. And there was always plenty of banter and piss take off the away fans, especially when we won the league when Mancini was Manager. There were numerous occasions when I ended up in the row in front after we scored. And the Poznan was at it's peak. Etc. Sadly 110 and 111 is a pale shadow of what it used to be. No offence intended to those now stood there. I would move the scattered singers in 114, 115 and 116 into 110 and 111 in a heart beat.
  8. John Oliver

    John Oliver

    3 Feb 2018
    To the tune of Volare

    Agueeeero, oh oh
    S-s-s- Sergio
    200 goals

    Or something like
  9. trevorriley


    17 Jan 2012
    We still keep arguing over the same things, "move singing section" "front middle or back" "what about a new song" "stop singing dzecko" "get a drum" "stick the drum up your arse" "shit acoustics" ( and the worse thing I have seen on this thread by a post saying the basel fans where repetitive and didn't show a passion for the club, seriously if we think that we are going to struggle ! )

    There are people on here coming up with suggestions, most are wrong as believe me I have put hundreds of hours in to all this along with 4 or 5 other guys for almost five years now. So if you want to make a difference join in, it is the only way we will get anywhere, come and have get togethers and chats, join in the group tickets that the club offer us in 115 for CL games, see for yourself what it is that we are really up against. Its not enough fans joining in to sing that fails us. We can get as technical as we want and move where we want, we have to bloody sing to make a noise and as 800 Monaco fans once showed us you can do it with low numbers !

    Fan culture has reached a kind of divide now where you have singers & fans just wanting to watch the game and enjoy the experience. Nothing at all wrong in wanting to take up your seat, sit back and watch the game. But we have thousands of singers in the stadium on match day, 55k stadium / 5,000 tourists, mixtures of singers and viewers. So we have plenty of fans to make noise. My point is, it is getting to the stage now where its going to take a group of potty fans to take it by the scruff and sing at the front or back of 115 area. This in time will make fans around join in. But if only 30 of us out of 55k are willing to let ourselves go on match days it wont spread. Fans need to join in, but in bigger numbers than they currently are.
  10. Cheadle_hulmeBlue


    27 Oct 2012
    we dont need new songs about city. we just need to sing the ones we have. I've said this before.

    city til i die
    super city
    we love you city
    even hey jude

    you rarely hear these songs at matches now. all songs that people know and will join in with. the people at the back of 115 that start a lot of the songs need to start trying to get these going again or at away games. i dont mind the dzeko song, but thats sung more and louder then all the songs above, which doesn't make any sense. the best team in the land is now sung 10 times a match now... when we should be singing the ones above as well.

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