Sir Howard Bernstein Way

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  1. Manc in London

    Manc in London

    6 Aug 2008
    An excellent Chief Exec. Whilst almost all chief execs are obsessed about targets and keeping members happy, Sir Howard drove forward change and genuine sustainable improvement. I love his no-nonsense attitude too.

    To be fair, praise has to go to Richard Leese too. Leading a council is very much a partnership between Chief Exec and Leader.
  2. Very fitting.
    Class move.
  3. Gary James

    Gary James

    21 Feb 2008
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    Excellent news. Perhaps he should have stood for the new Mayor role.
  4. GeekinGav


    30 Dec 2012
    Classy move. I hope he gets the 'Freedom of the Campus' perks like 'Freedom of the City', so he can walk his sheep down it or have a smoke if he fancied one lol
  5. bemused observer

    bemused observer

    24 Sep 2010
    The Comb-over Fly-over? In fairness, I've had a bit to do with the bloke work-wise over the years, and while you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him, he's had a huge impact on the city in general and especially in the area around our stadium so fair play to him.

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