Sky - Mané Red card poll (official appeal rejected)

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Cobwebcat, 9 Sep 2017.

  1. nmc


    9 Jan 2006
    I think you could simplify the rules with the following simple additions. 1) in all respects of football MUFC are always in the right and their views and opinions are above all others.
    2) In all situations regardless of the facts LFC are always the victims and their tantrums must be accommodated to the detriment of all safe for 1) above
    3) in all matters football or non football related MCFC are wrong in all respects.
  2. Gorton_Tubster


    2 Apr 2012
    not really here
    Something this has highlighted to me is the weight of the bias out there. I always knew it was there and is linked to clicksbait and revenue but sme of those pundits have real hatred for City to the extent of condoning this tackle.
  3. Thaksinssoldier


    28 Jun 2009
    That song sums them up perfectly.

    Ignore Hillsborough.

    Just look at recent history with them.

    Only they could defend a scumbag racist, and cart out the black players with a rod to vocally support him. Hey you racist dipper scumbags, did you ever think that this is why Raheem couldn't wait to get away from the club?

    They brush Grobelaar's corruption under the carpet, but lets not forget that.

    Or how they sing "You'll never walk alone" as they pushed Rodgers out the door...or Hodgson...shall I go on?

    I'm done arguing with myself. I hate them far, far more than the rags. At least the rags have the common decency to disappear when stuff isn't to their liking.

    These f**kers just can't help themselves.

    Tick tock Jurgen, they are about to turn on you any day now and it'll be the best thing that'll happen to you.
  4. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    Same here I am thoroughly sick of their whining self righteous cult like behaviour, their not so glamorous istereeeeee and those famous nights under the Anfield lights. Sick of the myth that their fan's are the fairest, most knowledgeable and sporting in the world, when we all know they are feral, thieving, blinkered, Stanley knife wielding, brick throwing scum of the lowest order. It's too late for Klopp the lanky toothy buffoon. He has gone from a nice funny decent man to one of them. For what that means see description of scouse fan's. He is firmly entrenched into the cult and whatever comes next for him there is no going back now.
  5. Loki


    15 Feb 2015
    Me too.
  6. spanishblue


    26 Nov 2008
    posts 100,000,000
    Per Ardua
    I can understand where the rags have been coming from all these years. And why they hate each other so much.... both absolutely abhorrent
  7. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    why did liverpool appeal in the first place never in a million years would it been turned over and forget the mighty liverpool only the red manc scum have the power to turn shit to gold and there song is we do what we want is based on such things
  8. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    I think Mane did try to go over, but was shepherded away by Can, at the insistence of Klopp, from what I recall. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt there, but the high studs up to the face? He can fuck right off, especially for challenging the red card!
  9. meltonblue


    13 May 2013
    Part of the problem with any of it is the level of interpretation in the laws, so people at times wrongly debate whether something is a red card or
    not and try and use absolutes.

    With this one, the absolute is that Moss was absolutely entitled to judge it as a red card offence for serious foul play and so it should never have generated the debate it did or an attempt at an appeal.
  10. its grim up north

    its grim up north

    23 Apr 2012
    Happily retired
    Longsight lad exiled to Swinton
    Have just donned my suit of Armour and ready for a kicking, but, I was in 217 right behind the incident, although Mane rightly deserved to go, I feel slightly for him, he knew he had done wrong, you could see it in his face as he sat on the ground a couple of yards away from Eddy. He was starring at the ground holding his head in his hands. I think the reason why he did not leave the pitch immediately was he wanted to see if Eddy was OK, if you watch I am sure he did go over to where Eddy was, and out of embarrassment at what he had done. His apology on Twitter came as soon as possible after the game . A red all day long but although Mane was the villain he was not the one acting the twat.

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