Sky Sports Relaunch- New and Exclusive Channels for Football

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by waspish, 28 Jun 2017.

  1. frothy


    8 Jul 2007
    As soon as phone them up they know if your not in a cable area, my son in law tried it with sky, he said when he was on the phone to them threatening to leave the bloke let him rant away didn't interrupt until he stopped, and just said OK do you want to cancel it from today
  2. chesterbells


    15 Apr 2010
    Nice one - thanks pal - was just trying to work out approx cost per city match, if the charge was £18/month for the PL channel. Unfortunately that figure of 28 includes BT sport too, so its hard to calculate - my recollection was that we werent on BT that much though, maybe 4-5 times max
  3. rossie


    4 Aug 2009
    your bang on mate .. i actually phoned sky yesterday really pissed off after yet another full blown wankfest about the rags on SSN , i told them there are more football fans watching than just rags, all that rubbish should be on mutv not on here, its just for the rag idiots not for general football fans.. she just said " i will pass on your complaint ", wont hold my breath though
  4. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    I called them today and from tomorrow existing and new customers can do the sports channels as they want,the question is if i pick sports 1 for the prem games will they then put some of them on sports 2 so you end up having to have both,knowing sky yes they will
  5. waspish


    25 Jan 2009
    Blue Moon
    Of course they will they are ****s
  6. Prestwich_Blue


    26 Jan 2006
    Wherever I lay my hat that's my home
    Just had an email from BT saying that as part of my package (which previously included SS1 and SS2) I'll now be getting the Sky Sports Main Event and Extra channels which will give me all the PL games, plus other main sporting events. However it's costing me £5.50 a month more.
  7. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    I'm going to have a long chat with them about which channels the prem games will be on so they don't stitch me up before i agree to sign up again
  8. kippax81


    22 Mar 2009
    Fylde Coast Blue
    I had a call from Sky this morning asking me, as a former customer, would I like to take out their new sports package at a reduced rate blah blah blah. I politely informed the bloke that I will not give that organisation one penny for the privilege of listening to uniformed no marks slagging off my football club.

    His response was: "well don't watch the channel if you don't like the content"
    Me: "Excuse me? Please don't be so insulting. I don't watch it because I don't have it"
    Him: "Would you be interested in taking our normal channel package for only £7 a month"
    Me: "No. As I said, I won't give your organisation one penny while you employ people to slag off my football club"
    Him: "Who do you support?"
    Me: "City. Manchester City."
    Him: "What if I could offer you a deal to take..."
    Me: "I have tried to be polite but you are now testing my
    patience. It's simple, take your biased pathetic TV station and shove it up your arse. Good day"
  9. jimharri


    30 Dec 2007
    Occasional idiot
    Surrounded by the dark side of the force

    40 seconds in. Bloody dust again!
  10. BJL_City


    13 Dec 2016
    funny how we give them their biggest and most marketable moment and they still try to bury us.

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