Sky Sports Viewing Figures Down?

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Why Always Ste, 15 Oct 2016.

  1. The Pink Panther

    The Pink Panther

    22 May 2005
    That's what you get for drinking at a seven star hotel in Dubai
  2. schfc6


    4 Aug 2010
    yes, but there's a group of us who'd all hit the pub on a Sunday, first it was just the lads, then it became lads and wags, then add children. We'd all drink and eat. Stay both Sunday games and send the families home.
    But that would require a good game, ideally both City and United with City away. The pub woud be full.
    If there were 15-20 of us eating and drinking the pub could cope, but that needs to be week in week out to finance Sky. If it's West Brom vs Stoke the pub is empty.
    Pubs simply can't afford Sky & BT if the vaults aren't full.

    With regards other towns or City's I bet most towns or City's pubs will be much bigger for the Sky 4 than even their own clubs.
    I bet United vs Everton pulls in more punters in the Midlands than West Brom vs Leicester.

    The games could be regionally televised perhaps? That would solve the age old problems of not watching the local team in the ground and help pubs out who are frankly pay a fortune.

    Our local pub pays about £1500 for both. If it's a shit weekend fixtures followed by FA cup or International break the pub is fucking empty.
    One busy Sunday a week isn't going to keep the TV's on.

    I don't think Pubs should bother with Sky and where I live it's now rarer to see a pub with football than one without.
    The costs of a pub and the costs of Sky it's no wonder pubs are up shit creek..
  3. Cheadle_hulmeBlue


    27 Oct 2012
    you make some good points, but i just dont agree with that. its the same where i live- if city away games are on its packed. games like liverpool vs everton most people dont give one and its no busier then any other day, i was in my local when spurs vs arsenal was on - barely anyone was even in there. Ive also been in pubs in yorkshire for example when it was city vs chelsea and it was empty, so it works both ways imo.
    what about those pubs in the midlands ? that are packed for west brom or villa games, does it not matter about them ?, then they'd lose trade. shall we just say to them sorry your not a big enough team... most pubs only get packed with football fans when there team is on, not when other teams are on.

    I'm presuming your from somewhere in manchester or surrounding ? so if a united or city game was on it would be packed. the majority of pubs dont rely on football anyway now, they rely on food and lots have changed into food places. pubs are closing because people aren't using them swell. the regional football idea sounds good.

    its a difficult one, if pubs could get away with using kodi ? boxes and streams they would be fine :), i went through years of not beign able to watch city highlights or live tv games because we were less attractive. id hate it if only bigger teams were shown now
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  4. law74


    16 Feb 2007
    uncivil servent
    backing three legged donkeys
    Because it's against the law to televise 3pm Saturday afternoon league games so as to not affect other teams attendances
  5. schfc6


    4 Aug 2010
    That's why I said it should be regional.

    Sky knows that I get Granada tonight so perhaps football should be regional?

    Or allow pubs to have a pay per view type system.
    Let the Dog & Duck in Kiddiminster pay for West Brom vs Villa but not have to pay for City vs Spurs or Southampton vs Hull.
    If a pub is busy enough or demand is high enough for the 'World's biggest game' in whatever region let them buy it.
  6. I bet United vs Everton pulls in more punters in the Midlands than West Brom vs Leicester.

    You're a bookie's wet dream mate.
  7. blueju


    7 Mar 2005
    Perth via Audenshaw
    We get to choose from every game over here, in pretty sure they could sell the rights for each home game in their respective town or city
  8. city saint

    city saint

    17 Jan 2009
    pay for your own club tv season ticket jobs a goodun.
  9. schfc6


    4 Aug 2010

    You'd be surprised, the Sky four are still the Sky for a reason!
    Obviously it looks like their appeal is eventually falling and people actually want to watch games vs hype!
  10. mac


    19 Oct 2010
    In oddbobs overalls.
    Sorry I meant 18 a day. It will be much more than that when you factor in wages ,profit ,rent etc. It's only a typical drinkers pub so doesn't get rammed to often . As other posts have alluded to a pay per view would be better.

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