Son's yr 11 prom suit....

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rammy Blue, 17 May 2017.

  1. Rammy Blue

    Rammy Blue

    23 May 2008
    Sure I'll get lots of interesting replies, haha.....

    Anyway, out of my mates im the one with the eldest son, got his prom in a few weeks and over dinner he brings up about when are we going to get his suit and then proceeds to tell me that "everyone" is getting a designer suit and reels off Ted Baker etc

    Just done a quick scan and I'd be looking at circa £400 by the time I've sorted all the bits, to be honest I'm gobsmacked as I thought it would be just any old nice looking suit from say Slaters at circa £100.

    Obviously don't want to be seen as the grinch, and I'd never deny him what he wanted, but I just think he's either talking shite or his mates are full of shit.

    I understand girls probably spend a lot on prom dresses but just wondered from my bluemoon clan, who have had sons that have gone though this, is it expected to break the bank for the suit?

  2. The Colonel

    The Colonel

    10 Jul 2009
    Proms? What happened to just all meeting up in the nearby field with a few bottles of cider and all getting half naked? Kids today eh!

    Anyway, House of a Fraser in Alty have special 'prom' suit deals on or there's always Slaters in town.
  3. leighton


    22 May 2004
    There is a god Barry's gone!!!
    Why cant you just rent out a designer suit rather than paying all that for 1 night not as if you will see him in it again. I rememeber at my Debs we all rented out suits and headed off to a hotel for the big send off. Cheap as chips it was.
  4. MP71


    4 Apr 2012
    Get it a little too large, it will do him for interviews when he gets out. I mean goes for jobs. ;-)
  5. Uncle Wally One Ball

    Uncle Wally One Ball

    3 Jan 2009
    shark fisherman
    What is this? Prom?
  6. sir baconface

    sir baconface

    20 May 2012
    GPC, FOC and bar
    Not in my lifetime.
    Prom? WTF? Are we in A-fcukin-merica?
  7. remember arthur mann

    remember arthur mann

    29 Aug 2009
    Newton Upon The Heath
  8. TCIB


    30 May 2011
    Currently, netdev
    Balls deep in the matrix
    Rent it boss, fuck 400 quid for a party suit he may wear one or twice more before he grows out of it or simple lack of use. Unless all his mates are posh fuckers who play cricket and have cucumber sandwiches, possibly wear monocles i doubt he will get anything like the use out of it you would want for the price mate. To the point there is a good chance he will not wear it again.
  9. MCFC1993


    5 Dec 2008
    I didn't go to prom but my brother did, him and his mates all got theres from Slaters and there wasn't a problem. Chances are he'll grow after prom anyway and the suit will be useless for job interviews etc, don't want to be forking out £400 for one night. Better renting it if you're going designer.
  10. An 11 year old in a £400 suit, he'll look a proper twat.

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