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  1. spike144


    9 Aug 2008
    Vs NAPOLI 01 / 11 / 2017


    Check-in opens at 05.00 a.m. and LATEST CHECK-IN TIME IS ONE HOUR PRIOR TO DEPARTURE. Please note we cannot hold the flight for latecomers.

    Airline - JET 2
    Flight No - LS6435
    From - Manchester Airport
    To - Naples International Airport
    Date - 1st November
    Check in - 05:00
    Departs - 07:30
    Terminal - T1, Lower Level
    Arrive - 11.30
    Terminal - Main

    Airline - JET 2
    Flight No - LS643
    From - Naples International Airport
    To - Manchester Airport
    Date - 2nd November
    Check in - ON ARRIVAL
    Departs - 00:55
    Terminal - Main
    Arrive - 03:05
    Terminal - T1, Lower Level

    Please use this flight voucher/ticket for all people in your party.

    NOTE* The allocated slot departure time is now 07.30 from Manchester on the morning of the game.

    Check-in will be open from 05.00 and we ask that you check-in by 06.30 at the very latest. We plan to issue boarding cards at Manchester for both your outbound and return flights subject to agreement with the authorities in Italy.

    On arrival in Naples our reps will direct you to our buses for transfer to the city centre. We aim to have our buses drop off close to the STAZIONE MARITTIMA/Old Port area in the centre.

    In the late afternoon/early evening a dedicated shuttle service is provided by the authorities from the dedicated meeting point (Stazione Maritma, in the port area) to the stadium. The local Police strongly advise that you use this service, exact details/timings will be announced or become clear on the day.

    After the match we will have our buses parked as close to the visitor’s section as we are allowed. If it is not immediately clear where the buses are, please wait on the concourse outside the exit and look out for our reps who will guide you to the buses. If you are seated in another area of the stadium you will need to make your way around to the main visiting supporters section/exits at the end of the game and follow advice as above. Obviously after the match please board the “SPORT OPTIONS” buses for the airport.

    Very important: Travel light! Advise all in your party:

    Please note due to strict security rules you are NOT allowed to leave bags or coats on either the aircraft or the buses. We may have different drivers and buses after the match so please just travel light.

    Please remember airlines will not allow you to consume your own alcohol on board! Everyone knows this is not permitted and the airline has stressed that they will take action against anyone found doing this and such people will not be allowed on the return flight. This type of thing causes delays and issues for everyone so please be respectful of this.

    We hope everyone has a great day out in Naples.. Good luck to CITY!!

    Please note we do not supply travel insurance. You must take out your own insurance before travel.
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  2. Crumpsall abroad

    Crumpsall abroad

    18 Nov 2010
  3. Crumpsall abroad

    Crumpsall abroad

    18 Nov 2010
    Re: the above travel information, and fully getting the Rotterdam trip, which the world and his wife have nailed on.....Napoli is looking good...and don't say if you went last time you're not interested....
  4. Tim of the Oak

    Tim of the Oak

    29 Dec 2012
    I've booked on the Napoli trip and said I would like to go on the proposed Ukraine trip.
  5. insideinfo


    31 Jan 2006
    Exec Search Consultant
    Dubai via Bury
    Is there a Napoli away thread? Would like to get advice on places to stay. Few of us are staying in Rome and getting the train down on match day - looking to stay over match night - then get straight back to Rome the next morning
  6. Tim of the Oak

    Tim of the Oak

    29 Dec 2012
    Yes on the ticket and travel page
  7. Manchester33


    12 Sep 2012
    Well up for Napoli as Rotterdam came too soon for us lot. Just wish there was a 1 or 2 night stay!
  8. bluestud


    30 Nov 2004
    Saddleworth, Oldham
    If you don't qualify for a match ticket would you get a refund as with the Thomas Cook trip?
  9. 01282


    9 Sep 2010
    Tickets ended up on open sale last time and I don't see it being any different this time.
  10. saddleworthblue1965


    6 Sep 2017
    we are planning the exact same trip - its only an hour or so away on the train £19 each way.
    using airbnb and renting an apartment , used these for the feyenoord game and all went to plan

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