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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by WallyA, 30 May 2017.

  1. Martin*


    22 Nov 2012
    Three CB's is overkill when we control pretty much the entirety of each game. I would love to see us revert back to a 4-3-3 as follows:

    Walker Komps Stones Danilo
    Dave KDB Silva
    Raheem Jesus Leroy

    KDB and Dave are more than capable of putting a foot in and with the amount of possession we have, I think we could get away without a midfield destroyer/pivot/whatever you want to call it. Leroy has to play further up the pitch, LWB is killing him.
  2. bert38


    21 Jul 2007
    But the formation doesn't work. Watch that first half again. Wing backs neither attacking or defending. No passing between the lines. Kun and Jesus dropping deep or stood waiting-absolutely no width, no space for our playmakers. AND worst of all, you play 3 central defenders against a defensive team and your central defenders are always on the bloody ball. Its crap. Ditch it Pep.
  3. Chi-town blues

    Chi-town blues

    5 May 2012
    Silva and kdb should not play together period.
    Both of them are shit when we lose the ball.
  4. shemnel


    21 Dec 2013
    i personally see 3-5-2 as the default at home to anyone but United/Chelsea/Spurs. Maybe Liverpool. So i think 3-5-2 at home at least 12 maybe 14 times. Away at the strugglers as well.
  5. Bluep*ss


    14 Nov 2012
    I am going to have a rant !!.
    Oh f*ck it - I cannt be bothered - except to say Sane is not - and will f*ckin' never be a wing back.
  6. hilts


    29 Oct 2008

    This is the problem that team has only 2 players whose main role is defending. The 3 central midfielders are not in their natural positions and Gabriel has been omitted.

    Playing 4 at the back with 2 attacking full backs and just picking 6 attack minded players is asking for trouble.
  7. Gabriel


    14 Dec 2008
    The Palladion
    Cannot see Guardiola abandoning 3-5-2 until he has used it with the players he bought to use it. However, in both league games the space behind the full backs has been exploited, and better teams with better forwards will do so as well.
  8. SkyBlueTX


    17 May 2014
    Sports nut
    I hate three at the back and will never learn to like it. I'd accept any formation with four at the back without complaint, even 4-4-2.
  9. PW


    21 Aug 2017
    New member so go easy on me.

    Since DeJong and Barry left we seem to have a void between the midfield and the defence, which when teams attack us on the counter becomes all to apparent and leaves us looking stretched. I know Pep doesn't do spoiler type players, but a good reader of the game sat just in front of the back four would make us more solid and a compact. With the added pace of our full backs I've often thought that if we signed a top quality centre half (not Evans) that Vinny would be ideal for the job in the same way as Phillip Lahm.
  10. simon23


    26 May 2004
    was going to start a seperate thread but might as well out it in here.

    Looking at out striking options (without getting into the merits of individuals we already have across the front line wnd attacking midfielders) do people think thst we need a different option..ie a target man. Pep didnt have this at barcs but he did have at Bayern. Arsenal, utd and spurs all have thar option ( lukaku. giroud and kane/ ali all get their fair share of goals frim high balls into the box)

    ive seen people in here ( and im one of them) wonder how utd get results against teams we struggle to break diwn...thr answrr ix clearly that putting 10 men on the edge of the area works agsinst teams that want to play our style but it does nothing agaist teams that will slung over crosses frim 15-20 yds inside thd attacking half......sitting in the edge of the penalty area actuslly encourages this.

    i would rather see us play our brand of football but we msy struggle...its hugely difficult against teams who park the bus ( and that is going to be the vast majority of them)

    Do we need that target man....i personally dont want to but if we are talking aboyt increasing our chsnces of success tjen maybe we should....however it seems clear from the attacking options that Pep has been looking at this summer ( sanchez and mbappe) that he wont go down that road

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