Sterling Penalty - Wenger will face no charge for his comments.

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by BJL_City, 5 Nov 2017.

  1. davymcfc


    1 Sep 2008
    Would be funny if Pep at his next press conference says “wenger is just angry because he tried to sign Raheem and we turned him down”
  2. bondsman


    10 Nov 2008
    I thought Sanchez threw himself about as well to be fair
  3. mac


    19 Oct 2010
    In oddbobs overalls.
    Why has wenger not said anything about Monreal going down as well. Is it probably because he had all his weight on pushing Raheem and then his legs wrap around Raheem's. Feck off you whining got.
  4. Saddleworth2


    27 Jan 2014
    So the fail are reporting that Wenger ‘only just’ escaped sanction. Has there been any official press release from the FA that justifies their stance?
  5. bluemonkey71


    26 Jan 2009
    Watching the Bluemoon rise
    I’m sure our fans will show him the love when we play them at the Emirates
  6. NZBlue


    26 May 2004
    New Zealand
    Oh please let arseholes beat west ham in the carabao cup. I want us to meet them as soon as possible and ram every word down arsehole wanker's throat. When that's done same again the FA (coincidentally named after their effectiveness) cup. I suspect after Mr Wanker's comments about bias we might get more than our fair share of support from the ref on the day
  7. Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    9 Mar 2007
    Upwind of the Mangrove Swamp
    I think they have just about got the balance right at FArce HQ - Wenger gets sent to the stands for kicking a water bottle down the line, but received nowt for blackguarding an opposition player, which comment is tantamount to calling the ref incompetent for getting the call right. Yes, I know it was only one of perhaps three that The Bottler got right, but he got it right.

    Wenger's comments are a three matcher by any measure. I wonder how soon and how long the RDAHMeedya would be frothing were Pep to call an opposition player a cheat?
  8. wahablue


    17 Aug 2010
    The scene is Wenger,s next press conference.The press guys are placing their equipment on the table in front of Wenger,he sits waiting for the room quieten down,at last we are ready,when guy walks up to Wenger and places an envelope in front of him,”What’s this,asks Wenger”.A High Court Writ for Slander is the reply.
  9. bobbyowenquiff


    15 Jan 2007
    If any other manager, including Peg, had accused someone of cheating and disparaged the referee the FA would have taken action. The organisation is not fit for purpose as has clearly been demonstrated by the recent fiasco within the women's team.
  10. TBooksbluearmy


    14 Jun 2011
    Unless the FA come out and say that Arsene Wenger has to appear before them. We as City fans will always see it as the FA has something against us. What's the betting that if Pep comes out and has a pop at Wenger he would be up before them before the final words have come out of his mouth. There is no way that if Arsene said that in any other place of work he would be done for slander so, why aren't the FA doing something about it, and forcing him to make a full and frank apology and also a heavy fine.

    City as aclub should force the FA's hand and say unless they do something about Arsene's comment, the club will be suing him for slander. This not only calls into question Raheem but also the club by saying that the club has allowed Raheem to get away with diving

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