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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by fathellensbellend, 15 Dec 2008.

  1. fathellensbellend


    30 Jul 2005
    football fans have definately changed over the years, and i guess it boils down to how much each and everyone of us pays to watch out team.

    when i first started watching city i was always amazed at how the support always steadfastly clapped the team off no matter how shit we were, especially away.

    i remember as a kid going to ipswich, we lost 4-0, we were 3 down in 12 minutes, and yet the city support sang and sang.

    again at leicester under jimmy frizzell, we lost 4-0, perry suckling letting one in through his legs, and yet the city fans sang oblivious to the hammering being dished out.

    as an impressionable kid, i thought city's support was marvellous, somehow unique, a fanbase that loved the club regardless of the shit being dished up.

    fast forward 20 years or so, and now we seem to be supporters only up to the point of winning, or achieving our goals, we struggle to see the bigger picture, we have money so why are we not in the top 6.

    now this weekend liverpool and chelsea got booed off, so its not unique to city, but i beg the question are we only supporters when we are winning, and anything less is not good enough.

    city have mitigating circumstances this season, we have lost johnson and petrov, and we simply dont have the back up, not until january, where i guess if we sign players and start winning we all become city supporters again.

    the team and the manager need our backing now, so instead of ripping our club apart amongst ourselves lets get behind city, because we are in hell of a position for the forseeable future.
  2. dannybcity


    21 Jun 2005
    Lend me £10 and i'll buy you a drink.
  3. You make some excellent points in there and some not so.

    I think the fact that for a family of four to go and watch a game could cost around £200 (take WBA on Saturday). People are entitled to have higher expectations than when we used to pay £4 on the gate to stand up and cheer and our hearts out.

    As for getting behind the team, yes, the club yes, the manager no!
  4. fathellensbellend


    30 Jul 2005
    i mention the cost at the start, and its undeniable that it plays a part, it cost me 50 quid with petrol and parking for the home game v everton, i am going to santander, and i have an albion ticket, i am skint.

    i come out saturday gutted with the entertainment more than the result, i didnt think some of city's players busted a gut for the cause, but then football is about 2 teams and isnt an exact science.

    the lows outweigh the highs, but then nights when we come back at tottenham seem to make the effort wothwhile.
  5. mammutly


    7 Apr 2008
    At foot of our stairs
    Some good points made

    I think the cost is an issue, but more importantly, the money in the game generally and all that goes with that. A lot of players these days get paid more per week than most of us earn in a year. We expect great things from them for that sort of money but we don't often get it.

    Also the TV has messed up the game from a supporters point of view. Football used to be a routine. You could look forward to Saturday and plan the week around it. You knew everybody else was playing at the same time and the results were a big thing. These days it's all over the place, Saturday, Sunday, Monday at all times of day and night.

    It's hard to accept shite from a bunch of multi millionaires, especially if it's served up at 9.30pm on a Monday night and you've got a long trip home and work in the morning.
  6. Dogs Knob

    Dogs Knob

    14 Dec 2008
    Good football fans are few and far between these days - you only have to listen to the likes of Liverpool fans booing their players as they reach the top of the table a couple of weeks back.

    Supporting a football club shouldn't be about getting value for money on matchdays - football is about being part of something - problem is that this loyalty i now getting taken advantage of.
  7. As the OP said...loyalty is a poor second best to "entertainment"...

    The overall mentality Liverpool fans, Chelsea fans, Rag fans....which is permeating down to City fans, is that being "rich" gives us a divine right to win. Just look at the reaction to losing to Everton. They are a team Moyes has built over a number of years, and who have consistently outperformed City under his tenure. Yet suddenly, we have a few quid, and people are mortified that his team could beat us...
  8. Football Manager and "expert" pundits are to blame.

    People think because they have took Leeds United from League One to Champions League final in 4 years that they are good at managing football.
  9. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    Fair point about the money.

    But the way I look at it, if you've made such a big emotional and financial investment in City, you should be even moire attached to the club, and supportive in the bad times.

    If you really feel the board / manager are acting aginst the best wishes of the club - then it's your right / responsibility to say so, because it's your club

    But we're 17 games in, and the evidence in terms of playing performances at home is of improvement. We're not getting any breaks at the moment. everything is going to Liverpool. This Saturday we had our main striker injured on top of a long injury list. Liverpool score two dodgy goals. Everton score in injury time in a corner which we gifted to them, and Richards was fouled. Small dividing line between success and failure

    For example Reading will struggle next season once they get a few defeats. So much in football is down to confidence. providing the manager is selecting the right players, buying the right players, has the backing of the players, and plays the right tactics, he should be supported

    I know a few people grumbled at the dropping of Elano and SWP playing down the middle, but I think City's shortage of midfielders dictates a lot of our play
  10. blueref


    10 Aug 2006
    holding a card
    Some very good points there.

    Since we have been 'wealthy', have been ripped constantly because we are the richest club in the world and getting beat regular. It then pisses people off when I say we have no divine right to win games.

    I tell them not to be too concerned because they will be hearing me loud and clear when we start to take shape.

    My kids (9+4) been wearing city colours from birth, and people even have a pop at that.Never used to.

    Theres going to be a hell of a lot of unhappy rivals when we get it right.

    When Chelsea had new found wealth there was an explosion of chelsea supporters everywhere, we will have the same when we deliver the goods.

    A new generation of city fans ! This club has huge potential on and off the field don't you think.

    The future is Blue.

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