The 100/104 goal chase

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by dickie davies, 31 Jul 2017.

  1. dickie davies

    dickie davies

    25 Sep 2010
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    oh please do fuck off
    As I said in another thread, this squad has the opportunity to write their names in the history books as "Centurions" the only team ever to achieve 100 points in PL, so I hope they're all concentrated on that as it would be an incredible achievement
    As for the CL, there's nothing like playing competitive football to keep a player sharp, so I'm hoping that our most important players, Dave and Kev, get an hour in each of our PL games before Champions league games
  2. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    It's a fact - he did stray offside, so Sterling couldn't pass it to him. :-D
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  3. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    Max points = 105.
    1 defeat, a draw and 6 wins = 100 points.
    Current Goals Scored = 85. 15 required for 100 goals, Just shy of 2 goals a game.
  4. aguero93:20


    21 Oct 2013
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    It'll get lost in with all the hate mail from the scousers.
  5. blueparrot


    7 Jun 2012
    No, for one Pep has made that mistake once , secondly the odd players will be rotated and protected but those coming in in ones or twos won't bring a big drop in standards. I suppose like last night seeing out the last 10 minutes might see us fall a couple short but six 2's and a couple of 4's would see us do 105.
  6. Blue Hefner

    Blue Hefner

    11 Jul 2009
    101 requires for a £660 win at Skybet - exactly 2 goals per game
  7. bluealf


    4 Nov 2007
    Oh I know he did mate :)
  8. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    Yes Pep has said it was a mistake at Bayern. Players need to be fresh but not totally rested, so there will be rotation and minor injuries won't be risked.
    AFTER Gundogan's performance against Chelsea, my only real concern is left back so Pep needs to get Laporte playing there as an option because Zinchenko isn't good enough against the best.
  9. UUJblue


    29 Mar 2011
    Jesus just had to look that up - 33 goals in 8 games is mad especially when they had united, Liverpool & spurs in there.

    31 Portsmouth 0–5 Chelsea [show]Portsmouth
    27 March 201032 Chelsea 7–1 Aston Villa [show]London
    3 April 201033 Manchester United 1–2 Chelsea [show]Manchester
    13 April 201034 Chelsea 1–0 Bolton Wanderers [show]London
    17 April 201035 Tottenham Hotspur 2–1 Chelsea [show]London
    25 April 201036 Chelsea 7–0 Stoke City [show]London
    2 May 201037 Liverpool 0–2 Chelsea [show]Liverpool
    9 May 201038 Chelsea 8–0 Wigan Athletic [show]London
  10. Swordfish7


    1 Feb 2005
    Last 38 League games we've scored 108 goals

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