The importance of Wembley 1999

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  1. Corky


    8 Dec 2005
    Thought it was Bury - Preston was in 1998.

    Everyone heard that tale, it was well publicised what he had said. However he also said Joe Royle's position wasn't in question after the relegation at Ipswich, but then sacked him.
  2. portisheadblue


    27 Jun 2009
    I was lucky enough to be at the 1999 Wembley playoff final ... even luckier to blag 4 corporate tickets from work ... even luckier to be sat a few tables away from Oasis ... and even luckier to be there with my brother (no longer with us) and our two sons - what a day

    After the game it was free booze but the couple who shared our table got a bottle of pre-ordered champagne - he said to her “how did you know we would win” to which she replied you our joint amazement “I didn’t .... but I do know you are going to be a Dad” ...!!!!!

    I wonder where they are now!!!! Maybe the youngster was stood next to us in NE corner 13 years later when Agueroooooo happened

    Come on City
  3. flook


    17 Jan 2009
    simply the most important match in our history, still raises the hairs on my neck
  4. ManCityX


    26 May 2008
    A few years back I got messaged by a Gillingham fan after commenting on a play off final video.

    He said looking on from the other end of the ground it looked like the most crazy and mad celebration he had ever seen.
  5. Rosler's Grandad

    Rosler's Grandad

    7 Jan 2018
    It wasn't just about the stadium. It has been said that the bank were ready to pull the plug.
    If City had not won, the best case scenario was receivership.
  6. bluestevei


    30 Aug 2008

    I thought it was fanny lee who did this
  7. Pam


    19 Aug 2004
    People were so angry when we went two down that day. I stated to leave and fans were kicking the bins around and literally having tantrums. I remember thinking the rage was frightening but totally understandable. I went back to my seat after hearing the half-hearted, 5 seconds worth of cheers when Horlock scored. Weird noises were being made when Dickov scored. Half wail, half ecstatic, frenzied plot loss. My cousin fell into the next row and later on, couldn't remember how it happened.

    But as for how things would have panned out if we''d lost, I always thought that was overblown. City would have made it out of that division the following season anyway. We were a yo-yo club like no other back then. We always made it back eventually. Not sure a year would have changed our destiny. Might be wrong. When did the stadium deal get done?
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  8. Mike N

    Mike N

    26 May 2004
    I thought it was fanny lee who did this[/QUOTE]

    May well have been agreed in principal with Lee but the official agreement didn't happen until after the play off. Bernstein said we wouldn't have gone if we hadn't been promoted.
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  9. bluemc1


    4 Oct 2012
    I remember the noise when Aguero scored and it was like nothing I’d heard
    It was more high pitched screaming than cheering
  10. RabidCity


    28 Oct 2009
    That's a great article, thanks for sharing. Makes me all fuzzy inside.

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