The Lions in New Zealand thread for the 2017 tour.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by big gaz, 18 Apr 2017.

  1. big gaz

    big gaz

    27 May 2009
    at the bar
    So at 12pm on Wednesday Gatland will announce the squad that will take on the all blacks during the summer.

    What are you,re thoughts re squad, poss captain or any out of left field selections.

    For me I think Gatland will go with tried and trusted players, so that means some bloody good players missing this trip. Sam will more than likely be captain.
  2. Blue Smarties

    Blue Smarties

    10 Aug 2008
    JJ has to go.
  3. Chris in London

    Chris in London

    21 Sep 2009
    If press reports that Launchberry will miss out are true that's a real shame
  4. Personally i'd take him but do we have a fair few 2nd rows to choose from.
  5. Uncle Wally One Ball

    Uncle Wally One Ball

    3 Jan 2009
    shark fisherman
    Totally agree and would not be a good call imo. He was brilliant in the six nations
  6. It'd be pretty mental not to take Launchbury and Joseph but I suppose there's always going to be big names missing out.
  7. Chris in London

    Chris in London

    21 Sep 2009
    True, and you suspect he will be on the next plane if not this one
  8. Ric


    22 May 2004
    Presume Warburton will retain the captaincy.
  9. Chris in London

    Chris in London

    21 Sep 2009
    I like the way he uses his loaf
  10. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    The schedule that the Lions have is so stupid that I wouldn't worry....about 10 players will go home injured and back ups called in. If Launchberry isn't named tomorrow, chances are he'll still be in NZ for the second test.

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