The Most Positive Article Ever Written About Raheem Sterling Ever

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by MarsLlama, 8 Mar 2017.

  1. jimharri


    30 Dec 2007
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    Surrounded by the dark side of the force
    I like the comparison between Pep and Southgate.
  2. bluealf


    4 Nov 2007
    I wonder what that particular reporter was also saying at the height of the Sterling hate campaign, I would guess it wasn't much difference but I am to lazy to search lol
  3. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    Bloody hell I was expecting something amazing. Talk about an overreaction. It’s just a run-of-the-mill filler story that says almost nowt.

    But it’ll all change now because I think the media have got their next target for racism: Delli Alli. Before Raheem it was Ashley Cole and Mario Balotelli, but I’ve noticed this season that Alli (while I actually dislike the diving faux-hardman Spurs wanker!) is starting to get a lot of negativity surrounding his adverts and girlfriend and now he’s playing shit n’all.

    So maybe the press are going to start to be nice to Raheem. But if they are I won’t be saying I’m happy about it because it’s not worth taking notice of. None of it. Not the negative press or the positive press. It’s all a load of insignificant bollocks.
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  4. Hungarian blue

    Hungarian blue

    8 Aug 2007
    Adam Bate has been writing some good pieces on Sky Sports' website for years now anyway and it's not the first time he did a positive piece about City, which is only normal given our form and everything.
  5. nmc


    9 Jan 2006
    I for one hope Raheem gets more and more stick from away fans - if he’s getting stick he’s doing something right.
  6. davymcfc


    1 Sep 2008
  7. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    I would only point out that the original post/article to which you refer was from March LAST season!
  8. ganganvince


    23 Oct 2014
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    Just winds me up Southgate plays him out of position then everyone is surprised when he doesn't play at club level.
  9. Big Swifty

    Big Swifty

    8 Nov 2011
    Not really a fair comparison with Pep, as Southgate has far inferior players to coach than the talent that pep has at his disposal.

    Compare a typical England side with a City team under Pep. England don't ship many goals, admittedly, but then City don't play against the equivalents of San Marino and Lithuania.

    It used to be that the England side was a class above even a top League club, but now the reverse is the case. When a player with a top PL club joins England, he is playing with players of lesser quality than his club team-mates.
  10. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    I am noticing at last a recognition for our beautiful football - we must make sure it continues and counts for something in the end

    There is though something to be said, for being hated and winning against all the odds. When Aguero put that ball in the net, and we reflected in the glory it was made all the sweeter by where we had come from and all the barbed comment in our way.

    Which is better, having commentators acknowledge your team, and achievements along the way, or winning in total hostility? I think I prefer the latter, so perhaps we should after all shut up complaining about the media, and lap it up knowing that we've got a team who are going to shut them up at the end.

    The reality is of course dialectics - our team is going to change the way we are perceived

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