The Walking Dead

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  1. Don Karleone

    Don Karleone

    8 Nov 2008
    Second episode is slightly better.
  2. bluemoon98


    5 Jan 2014
    On Transfer Section all Summer ;)
    please say it doesnt keep swapping colour still?
  3. Blah, blah, blah.....

    If Buzz Lightyear really thought he was a space ranger rather than a toy, why did he go limp like the rest of them when a human came rather tan explain there's been a mistake?

    You can look for holes in any book, film or series but the fact is that they are all for entertainment and wouldn't be very entertaining is they safely negotiated a sensible way out of every perilous situation.
  4. Paul Lake's Left Knee

    Paul Lake's Left Knee

    4 Jan 2008
    Fluffing the unfluffable
    Thought that was a really good episode, TWD doing what it does.

    Hope it wasnt too predictable for some.
  5. shaiomarali


    4 Jul 2009
    Mixed feelings. the wolves are beginning to have this Waterworld pirates or Mad Max bandits vibes.
  6. billymumphrey


    17 Feb 2011
    Yeah, but when they build up Rick et al to be SME's about living outside the walls and dealing with Zombies, and the citizens of Alexandria cede control to him for this 'expertise' and then his plan is to take a somewhat controllable situation and then make it less so, by releasing the zombies, then it doesn't stack up.

    There was even a point in last weeks episode where Morgan chastises Rick after the walkers attack them with words to affect of "I thought you don't take risks" ignoring the fact that they were right in the middle of taking the biggest risk yet. I see that people on this thread routinely anoint the show with "best show ever/on tv" and yet there are some massively glaring plot holes, inconsistent characterisations which is clearly an indication that it's not.

    Managed to avoid this weeks episode as the missus was sick and watched it during the day before I got home.
  7. stony


    19 Jul 2005
    Like dead people walking around biting people?
  8. smudgedj


    28 Jun 2009
    São Paulo, Brazil
    That's the trouble with fiction; it's just not sensible enough.
  9. TCIB


    30 May 2011
    Currently, netdev
    Balls deep in the matrix
    The problem with this show is two fold, i am told the writing has got lazy and tbh only so many scenario's a zombie can scare you.
    Also the poor quality feeds and sources in general until bluray
    A few fans of the show i know online have fucked it off until the bluray's get ripped.

    Scene 720p vs Scene 1080p vs iTunes 720p vs iTunes 1080p (all @ 720p)
  10. You don't half think about it a lot for someone who is just in the room whilst it's on.

    How do you think the Platt's will get found out on Coro?

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