The wasted years.

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  1. Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    9 Mar 2007
    Upwind of the Mangrove Swamp
    All part of character building. Did yer notice how badly Dippers, Arse and MANUre fans have taken to not being top dogs! The one thing that having the side we had in the late sixties never gave us, and hopefully, we'll never have, was the sense of entitlement that just oozes out of those clubs. There are fans from dozens of clubs who can handle those twin frauds - hope and despair - just as well as City fans, but I doubt there are any who can handle it better.
  2. goater1985


    12 May 2009
    Completely disagree. Wasted wrong word for me, i'm not going to say i prefer the bad times etc but i certainly would prefer now to have been down there to come back up...

    there's certainly a lot of big teams that go down there and dont come back for much longer than 1 season.... as for the trophy thing, i find i miss not winning one now more than before if that makes sense.

    would never describe any years as wasted as i had some fantastic memories as a kid watching city those years, with an occasional hero to worship
  3. Scaring Europe to Death

    Scaring Europe to Death

    30 Oct 2014
    I think it's an age thing, as many of our younger fans have only known success. In fact, we’ve now been in the Champions League for longer than the 4 years we spent out of the Premier League from 96-00.

    In contrast, my school years were from 68-80, during a time when City were undoubtedly top dogs in Manchester, but never quite won as many trophies as we probably deserved

    1971 ECWC Semi Final (injuries)

    1972 League (Gordon Banks beating City on his own)

    1974 Wembley (How did we lose that?)

    1975 Bell’s injury (would his goals have made the difference the following season?)

    1976 Dave Watson’s last minute own goal against Liverpool

    The list goes on, and you could even include some of the subsequent intangible moments (Mackenzie’s miss at Wembley when City were leading 1-0, Kevin Reeves disallowed goal v Liverpool, Paul Lake’s injury, etc

    Then it all went spectacularly, self-inflicted pear shaped. However, when you compare the list of major trophies won, we’re rapidly catching Everton and Tottenham. with Villa and Newcastle clinging to the memories of their pre war dominance.

    Everton suffered 2 or 3 relegation scares, but always survived. Have they enjoyed the last 20 years more than us?

    God Knows, but we’ve got our history, and they’ve got theirs.
  4. hateutd


    12 Sep 2009
    Middle Earth
  5. wythenshaweblue£££


    21 Jun 2010
    Growing up a blue in the 90's was pretty hard even remember the game rags beat us in the last min at the swamp. There were some grim days but we are making up for it now.
  6. dickie davies

    dickie davies

    25 Sep 2010
    Tag team wrestler
    oh please do fuck off
    We haven't really though.
    With the talent we've had at the club since the FA Cup win in 2011, we have seriously underachieved
  7. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    I was at at all of those games bar the Colin Bell injury one.

    1971 ECWC semi Injuries crippled us we would have retained the trophy without them.

    1972....Banks performance that day was superhuman, I amazed we scored once that day against him, cost us the title that game.

    1974 LCF Wolves. Again a world class display display by a rookie keeper, Gary Pierce,the post and bar denied us, we absolutely battered them.

    1976.....That was a gutter! Dominated Liverpool but that one slip caused by the panic instilled by our bogyman the carrot headed supersub Fairclough did us.
  8. casualdeyna


    24 Aug 2010
    Apart from the Pearce to Sven years it was always exciting!

    My first game was 87/88 season, so missed Allison dismantling a decent side (although my dad maintains it was "his" team that got to the cup final in 81 under Bond) we got promoted 88/89 and we were decent under Reid after that.

    So for me the soap opera started 93/94 with John Maddock and Brian Horton, Swales out, Lee in, Alan Ball football genius, timewasting against Liverpool when we needed another goal, Coppel in charge for about two weeks, Frank "Droopy" Clarke, Halcion days!

    Joking apart it was never dull until Pearce, and as others have said it gives us a sense of perspective now. Still amazes me of all the fans, we get "Where were you when you were s**t from fans who weren't even there when they were decent.

    I'm not angry it happened, that's football, for every one winner the rest are losers. The bin dippers haven't won a league title for example after dominating the 80's and having all the money. Newcastle yet to win a trophy in a generation.

    For me what was important during those days was that we were there. We are a large part of the making of the club today. We could've become a Leeds, or a Sheffield club, after relegation in 98 but we came back more than ever. It felt like we had to be there as the club needed us most, and within two seasons we were back in the PL.

    It's because of those days and how we rallied round the club that any jibes from rivals is like water off ducks back with me. Yes we were sh*t, we were effing laughable at times, but we were there!!

    City til we die
  9. BlueMojito


    1 Sep 2014
    Great post :-)
  10. Shaelumstash


    30 Apr 2009
    Great post, and pretty much exactly sums up my experience as a City fan too.

    And I totally agree, the disaster after disaster and falling to the 3rd tier wasn't the worst thing we experienced. If anything it made you more passionate and it was more fun at away games.

    The worst period by far was the sheer boredom of the Pearce years. It was absolutely soul destroying.

    They say the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. Pearce made me feel indifferent about going to watch City for the only time in my life.

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