Thomas Lemar

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by bluesingh, 15 Feb 2017.

  1. mcfc482


    15 May 2013
    I don't think its that their scouting is so much better. More that the players they do scout are not as developed as the top clubs are looking for. They can take a player and play him for 2 years for him to reach his potential and from there he is then good enough for bigger teams to take.

    Big clubs that have taken talented younger players just loan them out or stick them in the youth teams and the lack of game time means they won't develop nearly as well.

    It will be interesting in 2/3 years time to see if what we are doing comes to fruition. The likes of Angelino, Garcias, Maffeo etc. Loaning them to affiliate clubs to ensure game time in competitive leagues to make them ready for the first team. If this doesn't work then there is probably no chance of these players ever breaking through and money will keep being spent.
  2. KingCarlito


    18 Jun 2015
    Magnificent player, would love him in our squad

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