Tosin Adarabioyo

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  1. Neville Kneville

    Neville Kneville

    26 May 2008
    You have mentioned a handful of clubs, most of whom would be very demanding of any loanee. They are not going to give someone like Diaz a bunch of games to adjust. He would have to hit the ground running immediately, or be benched, or even stuck in their reserve team. In the case of Brandon Barker for example, he did absolutely fine at a middling team & still got benched, which has even happened to Zinchenko in Holland tbf, he's barely put a foot wrong & been one of the best players when played, can't get on.

    When kids have done everything asked of them, they have had no reward. Jack Byrne outperformed some big names over there & we sold him without even one first team game as reward. Denayer comes back from Glasgow one of the most rated kids in Europe & ends up working for Moyes two years later, again without even one first team game. Marcos Lopes did well in our team, did well on loan, sold. Playing every week in France. Not good enough to be a sub at City.

    Those kids would each have five/ten games at the swamp as it's good for the club to promote your own players over signings whenever possible. One or two would probably be playing tonight.
  2. cadds92


    20 Mar 2017
    I have said for over a year now that if you are an academy player good enough at 18 then get out and demand men's football.

    EDS level is an utter waste of time in my opinion.
  3. EllisMCFC


    13 Sep 2014
    I feel like he's leaving in the summer. I think him and his agent realize our dire need for centre-backs like Bonucci and Aymeric Laporte.Therefore I think he leaves in the summer for Everton.Also feel like Denayer also deserves more of a chance than him. Not sure why he wasn't granted a loan deal this season to judge where he's at.
  4. caseball


    31 Jul 2016
    I wouldn't be looking to sign any contracts with City to hang around waiting to be loaned out into obscurity like Denayer and Byrne and all the others.
    The poster is right that it's better to go to a club where you might get a chance rather than rot away in the EDS while the club signs another 50 million pound player in your position.
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    29 Oct 2008
    Enjoying my brew
  6. Exeter Blue I am here

    Exeter Blue I am here

    30 Jan 2011
    Take a wild guess.......
  7. Hungarian blue

    Hungarian blue

    8 Aug 2007
    Finally signed a new contract officially until 2021. Wonder what his next step will be though.
  8. minnesota blue

    minnesota blue

    13 Nov 2008
  9. oakiecokie


    29 Jan 2010
    Its Guinness time any day of the week.
    Tosin Adarabioyo has committed his future to Manchester City by signing a new four year deal.

    And the the 19-year-old defender has vowed to join the fight for first-team places - and aims to follow in the footsteps of his mentor Vincent Kompany by wearing the captain's armband one day.

    Adarabioyo has been at City since he was five, but this coming season - and this summer's US tour - are crucial for his development.

    On the prospects of breaking into Pep Guardiola 's first team, he said: "It’s all I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. I want to get myself into the first team and play as many games as I can.

    "We have a talented and very good group of players so you just have to keep working hard, play as many games as you can and when the opportunity comes I have to take it.

    "Since I was a young kid I’ve dreamed of playing for the City first team and being captain of this club so hopefully I can go on and do that.”
  10. Andouble


    26 Mar 2007
    wonder if we'll loan him now.

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