Trouble in the Ground

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Ricster, 13 Dec 2008.

  1. southstandant


    15 Dec 2008

    spot on sorry plat lane for little jonni please
  2. the kippax kid

    the kippax kid

    19 Aug 2008

    here here
  3. Sgoater


    1 Jul 2008
    Peole who worry about trouble in the ground should pray we dont play Dynamo Zagreb, check out there fans when they went away to Udinese in the UEFA Cup.

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    Oh and UEFA have decided NOT to punish them for it !
  4. oldham-lad-08


    9 Dec 2008

    tbh even though they are throwing flares onto the pitch, theres not much confrontation by the police so i dont know what the big fuss about that is.
  5. mcfcant


    3 Oct 2008
    another thread where most like to slag off city fans, a fucking disgrace.....psg it was there fans causing trouble and police stopped it, there was no trouble at the derby, just city fans singing, fuck all happened and on saturday, i dont rememeber it but been told it was handbags
  6. nobby_31


    29 May 2004
    boat cover maker ex matelot
    Gary and Phil Neville do a lot of stuff for kids at Bury FC. A couple of years ago my niece went for a week at Bury that the 2 of them were running, and she had a great time. So I say critisise him as a ex rag BUT give them credit for their off field stuff.
  7. davymcfc


    1 Sep 2008
    my youngest brother was at alder hey childrens hospital in liverpool for a long period and during christmas phil neville came in with presents for the kids and according to my dad is an absolute gentleman and was really supportive towards my brother. plus he has put sum pretty dirty challenges in on tranaldo lately so ill let phil neville off. his brother seems like a bit of a tit tho.
  8. kippax88


    16 Oct 2008
    Loyal man city supporter
    city til i die
    i sit by the away end and today started off with a bit of banter (like any other footie match) but the scousers are a bit retarded there was about 6 near me who were braggin about being on coke and thought they was "hard men" only looked about 18 / 20 years old and wen they scored city lads went towards the scousers and they came towards us it was 50/50 bottles being thrown into each end one hit me :( but early in the 2nd half everton fans threw some coins into the city end
    but i wouldnt really class it as a "kick off" its was more pushing and come on ill ave you shit

    i dont think the city lads have any problems what so ever! for example we took a strong 3 thousand + inside the veltins arena in schalke all been drinking most of the day and there was no seg at all and no kick off in the stadia at all..
  9. Biggsy1


    9 Jan 2008
    Dreaming of Goa!!!!
    I was right next to this little scrap the fat little kid got slapped but fair play to him came right back at the city fan, before the police jumped in and wrestled him to the ground! Can't believe you would throw a punch right outside where the away fans come out and right in front of the police, 3 year ban coming right up! Stupid.

    At least wait till your round the corner ;-)

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