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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by cookster, 12 Mar 2016.

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    Enjoying my brew
    I would imagine that was a prerequisite of his arrival and nothing to do with Txiki's ability to identify a player.
  2. caseball


    31 Jul 2016
    I'm not so sure about that. Things seemed to come to a head after the game at Anfield.
  3. hilts


    29 Oct 2008

    Like I said very angry for some reason, I noticed the thread had been bumped gave my opinion on txiki and no doubt will do again, I even made several points and had plenty to say on the subject at hand I guess you missed them. I didn't feel the need to mention people's state of mind or ulterior motives if they disagreed with me. I also didn't need to call anyone an arsehole, a hypocrite or tell them to get to fuck. Anyhow there is a big game on which is a tad more important at the moment than our DOF so maybe this thread will die down till a later date.
  4. Kinkladze 1

    Kinkladze 1

    29 Apr 2015
    Wow, some really precious folk on here embarrassing themselves. To get that wound up just isn't normal.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Txiki's job is to ensure continuity at all levels of the club, particularly of course with the first team. By that I mean that when a manager is replaced the upheaval should have minimal effect on the team and that transfer windows should be about evolution rather than revolution, ie, one or two signings in areas that really strengthen the squad.

    The fact therefore that we are in the position of pretty much having to buy an entire new defence in the Summer, is for me an indication that thus far, he has failed to do his job to the level required.
  6. doobyedoobye


    30 Jul 2009
    Can't blame Txiki solely for Mangala, Otamendi or Bravo IMO. If a player is purchased with pedigree and fails to adapt then the blame is with multiple stakeholders, but the lack of any attempt to recruit new fullbacks is very very peculiar.
  7. Andy Morrisons jock strap

    Andy Morrisons jock strap

    4 May 2014
    Agreed mate and he had offers on the table for Kolorov and Zabaletta to in the summer to, if there are City fans out there happy with his performance over the past 3 years then I'm willing to listen to reason but tell me of a top European team that needs a whole new defence its a ####ing joke
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    2 Jan 2009
    Well I for one are really quite pleased.

    I recognise that he has contacts in senior levels across the football world and I personally see a lot of the carping to be just 'Typical CITY' fans operating in a 'Typical CITY' fashion.

    As just 2 examples, the way the KDB deal was done so many months before the window opened - because he was able to meet the right people in the right locations and get it sorted so Kev knew that it was a done deal and just had to keep quiet whilst the clubs sorted it out. Bayern were really put out - but they came to the game far too late and Txiki had then on toast.

    It was a similar story with Sterling - that deal was done by Txiki many months before and again Raheem just had to keep quiet.

    Whilst on both occasions we paid a lot of money the deals were done and the selling club just had to take comfort in the dosh.

    Then WTF - Gabriel!!!!!!!!!

    Sane !!!!!!!!!!

    No - for me - just a bunch of 'Typical CITY' fans talking bollocks. But that's OK, it was the same re Lee Bradbury and Steve Daly - but some of us have moved on.

    There is a saying that 'haters got to hate'

    With regard CITY it seems that it is always a case of

    'Moaners got to moan'.
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    Fullbacks please.
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    Am I allowed to come out of the corner now?
    All the posts of mine that you quoted were either directed at you or Billy Shears, no other posters. If you or Billy felt in any way insulted, then job done ;)

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