Wanted: Spare Season Card or just Certain Games?

Discussion in 'Ticket and travel exchange' started by craynerd, 27 Jul 2017.

  1. craynerd


    8 Sep 2008
    Hi, interested to know if anyone has a spare season card available for this season or someone who is not using it for all the games just So I've got something a little more permanent than finding tickets here or on general sale each game. I appreciate the tickets may go to someone else or be used for the 'big' games - that's fine, I understand that.

    I also don't know how it'd work with the new scan cards however more than happy to return it after each game or whatever needs to be done. I'm North Manchester and teacher at a local secondary school.

    Send me a message if you have anything that may help.

  2. blue b4 the moon

    blue b4 the moon

    25 Feb 2005
    Recently became a man of leisure.
    315 gold not platinum
    See a couple of threads below mate there's one available at cost price for the season.
  3. johnnytapia


    29 Feb 2012
    Chris, you could buy a ticket up front for any game 'til the end of the season. It'll cost you a bit more than a season card (19 x £50 = £950, as opposed to £800 for me), but you'd be able to buy the same seat for all the games and not be worrying about whether you'd get a ticket or not. If you get a Cityzens card (£25?) then the tickets would be loaded onto your card. This is what I've done for the last 3 seasons for my son, until he got a season card this year. I'd also go to the ticket office and see if there are any season cards available. Online says no, but I find speaking to people in person can often elicit a different (more positive) response.
  4. craynerd


    8 Sep 2008
    Cheers - yes saw that and messaged. No reply yet.
  5. craynerd


    8 Sep 2008
    Cheers mate. It's quite a cost but certainly a way to do it! Thank you
  6. Neil H

    Neil H

    27 Sep 2015
    There is still one available I think from a post on the 4th may in ss1 at face value. I was going to have it but I've decided on a cityzen card instead and buying tickets individually from the club along with some off here.
  7. growl


    14 Jan 2014
    Deepest Kent
    My seat will be available for about half all league matches. Including: 21 Aug Everton. Sep 23 Palace. Oct 21 Burnley. Nov 29 Southampton. Dec 23 Bmth. 1 Jan Watford. Jan 31 WBA. Happy to accept £20 per game for a bundle.

    Plus some February onwards. Also, if any games switch to evening k.o. I am unlikely to attend as I travel from Kent.

    SS3 Block 315, behind goal. Close to away supporters.

  8. Mr Bungle

    Mr Bungle

    18 Apr 2012

    Neil is correct, my season card is still going spare for the new season. Block 112 near away fans. Face value £615. Pm me if interested.
  9. Ray darby 1961

    Ray darby 1961

    24 Dec 2013
    2 mcfc season tickets for sale family stand £500 each next to each other includes all fa cup lge cup games top seats platinum no offers

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