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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by buckshot, 3 Dec 2017.

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    People need to remember that referees in the Premier League are discouraged from showing what some may call unnecessary yellow cards (as they could lead to unnecessary red cards) as it 'ruins the spectacle'. So the reason why we haven't seen refereeing action on time wasting early is precisely that reason. Quite frankly Mike Dean's approach is as good as we'll get it. It's clear that he's not ignoring the time wasting as he's giving a lot of injury time, just like he did against Bournemouth and we experienced against Southampton.

    I tell you what, we can criticise these refs as much as we want for not showing the yellow early on but I can assure you that if they did they'd be getting a grand old bollocking off Messrs Riley and co. The fact is that this 'poor' officiating is systematic and so it can only be assumed that it's coming from upstairs.

    [It's like Clattenburg the other day. You can have a go at him all you want but the reason he did what he did is because that kind of behaviour has been encouraged by the powers that be]

    Now ask yourself what's better 'for the spectacle'. City winning 3-0 or City winning in the 97th minute? Now if it's the latter wouldn't you want more City games to pan out that way if you could help it? That's exactly what the PL and co. are going for. Because remember, rules are great and all. But money's better.
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    Or Samir in his pomp - he was v Good
  3. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    He was but is gone. I think every Blue was excited by B.Silva and I know players need time to settle but I really hope he pulls his finger out soon as we are going to need him.
  4. Vic


    11 Jan 2009
    MotD seemed to think United were brilliant because De Gea made a record number of saves!
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    B. Silva has started a handful of games, give the guy a chance ffs ha ha.
  6. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    He is an international player vastly experienced in the champions league too not some academy kid. He has underwhelmed when chosen but I do understand he is settling into a new club and country.
  7. SilverFox2


    27 May 2014
    They appear to ride their luck each game and get away with it.
    Not sure their defensive strategy is as robust as they think.
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    21 Mar 2006
    Just catching up. Well Im disappointed we didnt get a point- glorious chances like we had at the end dont come along too often. Im more positive about us than I was before this match- I think calling it parking the bus / wasting time etc is wide of the mark and does neither side any favours- we worked hard, you worked harder and found a way through via a superb winning goal. On you go, hopefully we will be playing in the same league next year however I honestly think we will be a long way adrift come christmas. Im in manchester this weekend and shall be enjoying my first city-rags match as a corporate guest and of course hoping you pound them to a pulp ;-)
  9. Rolee


    22 Jun 2012
    Mate, there is no doubt whatsoever that West Ham were time wasting.

    Not having a go, just stating a fact.

    Good luck for the rest of the season.

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