What will it take?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Ducado, 15 Dec 2008.

  1. I'm just waiting on a couple of other posters and the gang will be complete

    ...to paraphrase the all knowing Scorer from earlier in this thread...;- )
  2. BobKowalski


    16 May 2007
    Yep. That would be me.

    A few Managers who I would be against from day one:

    G. Souness. Total cock of a manager. Employed by Newcastle from Blackburn to replace Bobby Robson (finished 4th then 5th from memory) to bring order and discipline to the dressing room, sort out the players and install a tough no nonsense regime kind of like - oh whats that phrase? Ah thats it - Football Factory. Result? Finished nowhere and has never worked since. Hmmm you know there is something about this one that is horribly familiar.

    S Bruce. Championship and Lower Prem manager. Did manage to beat M Hughes City side earlier this season and since one of the main reasons for employing Hughes is that he got the better of City everytime they played I have a horrible feeling that this result may come back to haunt me.

    P. Ince. A bit unfair and only because he has been a PL manager for 5 minutes.

    S. McClaren. Makes me giggle. No idea why just does. Can't be taken seriously.

    There are a few more but just to give you some idea of where I rate Hughes in the scheme of things.
  3. Like clockwork...glad you could join us Bob...
  4. So Bingo Bango is wrong, I was wrong to agree with him.

    When you decide what the point you want to make is please do tell. I think you've had long enough to make something up by now.... though admittedly now its tied down to the question you asked I can see how youre struggling...

    Bon Chance Mon Ani
  5. :(
  6. Yes... ;O((

    Worry not Billy is desperately trying to think of something to say...
  7. BobKowalski


    16 May 2007
    Its a pleasure to be here Billy :)
  8. I cling to the hope I may have been right.
  9. Desperately struggling. You are the sharpest pencil in the box tonight...
  10. Nah...tonight the pleasure is definitely all mine...

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