What will it take?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Ducado, 15 Dec 2008.

  1. mammutly


    7 Apr 2008
    At foot of our stairs
    So. As expected. All gong and no dinner from Mr BS again.
  2. I prefer all mouth and no trousers...

    ....the invitation for a pre-match pint stands though Mutley...pm me and lets do it. I imagine it would be a lot of fun....
  3. PaulC1979


    7 Jan 2008
    I think Billy is trying to say that Mourinho's style of football isn't a lot different from what scorer said Hughes at Blackburn was. There were times when they were referenced as a 'More expensive Bolton'. Not saying I wouldn't have him as manager, one thing he can do is handle bigger name players & the players do seem to have utter respect for him.
  4. Thanks Paul...although I was quite enjoying watching Snorer squirm...

    I wasn't saying I wouldn't have Mourinho either....just find it ironic that the very same people lambasting Hughes for his "style" of football, are falling over themselves to anoint Mourinho as our new saviour...
  5. simonk


    3 Aug 2008
    Ive just come from the land of the sun
    sorry to butt into your argument lads, but this got me. Im no anti hughes hothead, but its not about having a divine right to beat anyone - its about having a team of internationals being well prepared, with a good game plan and overseen by a manager who knows enough to get a result. Not every game - but with what weve got - more often than not - certainly at home against a team without a recognised forward.
    people getting so hung up that we must back our manager at all costs that thjey are refusing to accept that 17th is fvckin piss poor. And its not a spot of bad luck, poor decesions, injuries etc etc - its not having the nouse to know how to win, or change our tact against teams who know how to stiffle us and grab the points.
    I fully disrespect bolton, boro, everton, brighton. fulham, newcastle, and wigan and yet weve not beaten any of them. Shouldnt we expect more?
    Started well, been sussed out - dont know what to do about it
  6. If you think Murinhos style of football is compatable to Hughes youre as mad as a box of frogs.

    Two premierships, many cup finals, unbeaten at home for over two years.... as opposed to brutal kick and rush and the manager of the month award in October 2007 or whenever it was....

    The only squirming going on here is for embarassment for you.
  7. Scottyboi


    5 May 2008
  8. I think you mean obsessed.... but I get your drift.... Billy needs to calm down doesn't he.
  9. Like many who have gone before you...I'm delighted your blind ignorance knows no bounds...

    Keep banging the drum Snorer...maybe if you can find another 100,000 like you in the 18 months, your message may just reach the middle east...
  10. My blind ignorance is only matched by you naievity... not sure which is worse...

    You at WBA at the weekend?

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