What's happened to BLUE MOON before games ?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by wearethesouthstand, 27 Sep 2017.

  1. marcus


    9 Feb 2006
    chedle en le hum
    Post match after that derby win was immense

    Also, that was huge pay back for when they kept us behind after they beat us in the league cup semi final the previous year. Kept us back and played united songs down the tannoy. That was a club decision, small
    Minded wankers

    As buzzer said.... we’ll come back here and hammer them
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  2. Cheadle_hulmeBlue


    27 Oct 2012
    because when i think of hey jude i think of the beatles/ liverpool. i dont really think of city. id much prefer a song more associated with the club/manchester as a walk out song. the boys in blue for example represents us better imo. as a chant or at the end of the game hey jude is great, just not for a walk out song.

    loads of clubs sing hey jude as well so you equally say its not just a city chant.
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  3. woodleyberksblue


    27 Nov 2009
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  4. mardon85


    19 Sep 2012
    Yes please let's never ever put that on again it's was embarrassing.

    Taking the piss out of Napoli was quality though!
  5. asahartford1


    15 Nov 2016
    Been singing this at city since the 60s.

    Over 50 years matey
  6. Cheadle_hulmeBlue


    27 Oct 2012
    why can't the club play the songs it did tonight, every game ? boys in blue before the players come out, hey jude and a bit of oasis. thats all thats needed.
  7. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    It worked at that particular time. Saying that, we’d have chanted along to any old shite we were that excited and happy that night though. Like when we won the league a few weeks later, the club blasted “Sweet Caroline” our and fans were singing along to that too and that has nowt to do with our club.

    I’d bet the atmosphere would have been very special had the club not made us sing along to Hey Jude that night n’all. Possibly better, who knows?

    But, for me, pre-game fake atmosphere football karaoke is shit and simply not needed at all.

    Just play The Boys In Blue when we come out and play it again at the final whistle and don’t do anything else. Leave out this Disney sing-a-long-esque rubbish and leave the fans to create or react to their own excitement.
  8. stonerblue


    23 May 2004
    Still alive here....

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