Who's the greatest ?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by gordondaviesmoustache, 19 May 2017.

  1. ballinio


    22 Apr 2006
    The thread is the greatest player ever to play for city .
  2. Xhavenjoe


    18 Feb 2017
    Bell so . I thought they all played for City.
  3. lastmanback


    24 Aug 2007
    IMO. It's Colin and close second yaya.
    Silva becomes anonymous in games when we don't have support around him.
    Yaya is the starting point. If he's not there to start build up and get the ball to Silva, David spends all his energy moving around not getting the ball, fernandinho, KDB more rushed not as graceful or commanding as yaya who's touch and passing is immaculate and knowledge of when and who to pass to is sublime. A bell, toure and Silva midfield wow!
  4. The Fat el Hombre

    The Fat el Hombre

    20 Apr 2006
  5. Armaan


    23 Oct 2009
    Yaya or kompany.
  6. 1961_vintage


    20 Sep 2009
    Despite Cakegate, Cokegate and FuckwitAgentgate, for me it has to the colossus that is - Gnégnéri Yaya Touré.
  7. Silva top

    Silva top

    13 Apr 2014
    I was lucky enough to see Colin Bell play regularly for City. He was all energy and speed and could outrun most opponents, hence his nickname. He was ( and still is) a good role model for any young player. He wasn't treated right after he stopped playing but never said a bad thing about the club (take a cue Yaya). But David Silva should, in my judgement, just take the accolade of City's best player on and off the pitch. The past six years have been a joy to be a City fan watching those magic skills from him (I still think that pass to Dzeko v the Rags for the sixth goal was the best I have ever seen from anybody) and a great role model in an age short of good role models in sport. In the old days I used to add the points up during the season just hoping we would get to 40. Now I have to listen to people moan that we don't win trophies every season. What a change!
  8. valleyblue


    9 Oct 2014
    Merlin, King Colin, Kinky, Kompany, Kun, Joe corrigan & Hart, Micha, Power,ASA,Peter Barnes, Gerry Gow ........ god I feel old
  9. burnley blue mcfc

    burnley blue mcfc

    30 Jun 2011
    Moulding technician
    Never got the chance to see colin bell but obv hes a city legend, but it has to be silva for me only been watchin us since 1983, david phillips was my hero at the time!! How far have we come since them days eh?? never thought i'd see world class players playing for city & thanks to hrh sheik mansour we've seen loads of them, vinny, yaya, tevez all deserve mentions but its merlin for me
  10. fatbloke


    24 May 2004
    It's a very difficult choice between Kompany and Silva, they're both the best players in the world in their position.

    Kompany is just outstanding, there's isn't a single weakness in his game as a centre back. Physically (when fit) he's a beast, strong as an ox, very quick, very agile and has a great spring for someone of his size. Technically he's brilliant, his tackling is exceptional, his positioning is second to none, his ability to read the game and make interceptions is top class and he's bloody brilliant on the ball. It's his mentality that makes him our greatest ever player though, he's a warrior, he never gives up, never stops fighting and never stops leading and encouraging his team mates, he is the perfect captain.

    Special mention to Silva though, he's the most talented player I've ever seen technically and he's the one I'd happily pay to watch until my dying day.

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