Who's the greatest ?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by gordondaviesmoustache, 19 May 2017.

  1. goatinho


    22 Nov 2009
    david silva
    without him we dont tick
  2. hutton who blue

    hutton who blue

    27 Apr 2012
    I'ts been brilliant watching our midfield duo the last few years of our Dave and YaYa knitting passes together wreaking havoc and carnage against the opposition. I don't see any player now out there who could replicate either of what they are producing, that's what's frightening. YaYa gets the nod from me, at a forced choice, the guy is phenonemal.
  3. WNRH


    22 Oct 2010

    Just imagine how revered he would be if he wasn't such a cock!
  4. better dead than red

    better dead than red

    18 Aug 2012
    The Commonwealth
    For me, no doubt, it is Carlos Tevez! Say what you want about his ignominious end to his City career but the bloke was a world class footballer during his years here.

    He had such a will to win and could carry the rest of the team on his back to earn 3 points when everyone else was having a mediocre game! Frankly, I think we really missed having him in the team for a season or two after he left. He was difference maker for us.
  5. Bluekiwi


    13 Apr 2009
    New Zealand (since 1974)
    What a damned difficult question to answer when I've been watching City since the 1950s ..................

    My boyhood hero was Bert Trautmann - fearless, brilliant keeper, commanded his penalty area (not just the six-yard box), great vision to start attacks - and a gentleman with us autograph hunters in shorts and school caps.
    And then came Colin the King - it has all been said about him before
    But then we migrated to NZ and it is only in the last few years I have seen the current squad on TV so missed some of the gems we had in the 80s. 90s
    Of the current squad I am torn between Dave and Yaya, and then we have Zabba the Warrior...........................

    So I'll just sit on the fence and relive all the great times and players.
  6. Toure,because he produced the goals and the performances in critical games.
    Respected and admired rather than loved like Silva,Komps,Zabba and Sergio though.
  7. the plasterer

    the plasterer

    28 Dec 2008
    Plastering a home near you
    David silva for me, makes the game look easy, so underrated it's criminal, we miss him more than any other player when he's out, the boy is a genius
  8. kenny1312


    12 May 2013
    He should meet my utterly biased dad, he'd agree as well, although whilst he says Doherty was the best,his favourite was Trautmann.
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  9. Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    9 Mar 2007
    Upwind of the Mangrove Swamp
    Along with Frank Swift, he was the one I would have loved to have seen playing. He'd gone by the time I turned up! But Bobby Johnstone still did it for me!
  10. This, he came from arguably the best side the rags ever had with Ronaldo and granny shagger in his prime. He seemed to go up a notch in the standard of football he played when he came here, ran all game, chased everything and had a back of being in the right place to snaffle a goal. His penalty technique of running at the ball from ten yards and just twating it scared the hell out of me.

    Signing Tevez convinced the proper footballers to think about signing for City, as signing Robinho was just a statement of how the spending power we had but he didn't have the temperament to be successful with us. If we hadn't have got him in 2009 maybe the likes of Silva and Yaya would have rocked up in 2010.

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